Summary of New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP R2

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Here are some of the new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

More tie-ins to Office 365

  • Create and share dashboards with other members of your team
  • Additional compatibility between GP and Word, Outlook and Lync

Updated workflow and requisitions capabilities

  • Quickly create and manage workflows & requisitions
  • Managers can approve requests via email
  • Purchasing requisitions are limited based on user securities
  • Simplify procurement by consolidating multiple requisitions into a single purchase order.

Identity management

  • Simplify web client logins
  • Reduce identity maintenance between apps
  • Supports companion apps and service-based architecture scenarios
  • Remembers company, remembers username and password, and allows you to save credentials

Microsoft Dynamics GP companion apps

  • Mobile apps designed for users who need to participate in key business processes, but don’t need access to the full functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP

New General Ledger features

  • You now have the ability to reverse the General Ledger Year End Close Process in order to open one or more previous historical year(s). Utilize the reverse historical year button to reopen the year. From there you can make changes and reclose the year
  • Ability to copy and paste a new General Journal entry from Excel

Human Resources features

  • The new PTE Timesheet allows users to enter Project Timesheets, and they will flow through the new Workflow 2.0 approval workflows that the users create
  • Employees have the ability to save templates and enter their time using their saved templates. You can also set up delegates who can enter time for other employees if they are unable to do it themselves

Document attach

  • As its designed, the out-of-the-box Dynamics GP 2013 R2 will allow virtually any note window to have documents attached to the note
  • Your documents will be centrally stored in the database, and accessible whenever you are in Dynamics GP 2013

Purchase requisitions

  • Users have the ability to enter Purchase Requisitions and have it tie into other functionality within Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • The Purchase Requisition can be routed through the new Workflow 2.0 functionality. You will be able to order Inventory or Non-Inventoried items and you will be able to have them purchased directly in Microsoft Dynamics GP and linked to the Purchase Order
  • Capability to drill back on the Purchase Order Link and view the Purchase Requisition

New workflow

  • The workflow design experience is now in a Microsoft Dynamics GP window, replacing the prior workflow system, and removing the dependency on SharePoint.
  • Four new workflow types now available: Purchase Order Approval, Purchase Requisition Approval, Payroll Timecard Approval, Project Timesheet Approval


  • Ability to email reports directly from GP as a Word attachment

Hearing all of the new features was very exciting for our customers at the user group. For those who are currently on GP 2013, an upgrade to R2 won't break the bank. Our consultants will be able to complete the upgrade in a minimal number of hours. Contact us to schedule an upgrade.

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