Key Benefits of the Reporting Options in Microsoft Dynamics GP

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One of the number one things we hear from potential customers is that they need more user-friendly, accessible, professional reports. Once we show them the number of out-of-the-box reporting options in Microsoft Dynamics GP, they’re blown away. SmartLists, Management Reporter and SQL Reporting are all included with GP and include numerous pre-built reporting options.

Reporting Dashboard in Microsoft Dynamics GP



Once you create a report, you can save it and it will automatically appear in your business analyzer dashboard, giving you an instant and updated view of your information. Within one click, you can access the up-to-date details of that report without having to query additional information.





Because Dynamics GP is a Microsoft product, the reports seamlessly integrate with Excel, allowing users to export them directly into a spreadsheet. Data in reports can also be sorted within the columns in Microsoft Dynamics GP. With a simple click in a report, users can go deeper into the information and discover additional data.

Another benefit of the advanced reporting options is the ability to share information effortlessly with other members of your team. Reports can be set to generate an email directly to you and other team members on a set schedule or sent to a Sharepoint site. You can also give members of your team full access or restricted access to specific reports.

One of the most raved about features in GP is the grouping report feature. You can set up a group of reports to run automatically. Imagine getting your month-end reports automatically sent to your email on the same day, every month without having to do a single thing. Wow.

For information on additional benefits of reporting in Microsoft Dynamics GP, contact Stoneridge Software.

2 thoughts on “Key Benefits of the Reporting Options in Microsoft Dynamics GP”

  1. That would be really helpful to have this software generate reports automatically. I suppose that it is linked to other software and data sources to gather the information it needs. It sounds like a clever cross of Access and Excel. This would be a really powerful tool to use in business.

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