Does My Business Really Need a Better System?

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Our world is currently incredibly complex and produces a lot more information than we can process efficiently.  According to a study conducted by the University of Southern California a few years ago, the average person is bombarded with an amount of data equivalent to 174 newspapers, every single day!  Likewise, an average person was lucky to read 50 books in a lifetime only one hundred years ago, while an average teen has probably seen hundreds of movies.  It is only natural, then, for us to easily lose sight of some primary concepts of information management in our lives, and in our businesses.

In our blog series “Back to basics” being showcased in the Blog @ ICON, we take a fresh look at some of the reasoning and strategies that help make your businesses more efficient, competitive, and profitable.  The first edition of this series, entitled “Back to basics: Do I really need a business solution?” talks about the growing need to find more efficient ways to manage the daily avalanche of information that we get and that we also produce. According to the same study, an average employee produces the equivalent to 6 newspapers of information daily.

To me it is very clear: To make sense of all of that information, and to be able to convert it into a competitive advantage for your business, a good business solution such as Dynamics GP may very well be one of the most important investments your company can make.

ICON is helping companies get hold of the avalanche of information since 1987, making good on our promise to make our customers more efficient and profitable.  So give us a call and learn about ways to get your business ahead of the competition.

By ICON, Dominican Republic Dynamics GP partner

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