Advanced Picking With Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Increase visibility and tracking for picking information with the Advanced Picking module for Microsoft Dynamics GP. With this flexible set of tools, you can tailor picking routines to meet your individual site's business requirements, bin or bay sequence, or method of operation. Lower overhead, reduce handling, and improve accuracy for both single and multi-site warehouse operations. The Advanced Picking module comes with the Extended Pack edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The Advanced Picking module not only increases picking visibility, but picking productivity as well. Shorten pick journeys and send goods straight to the appropriate loading bay by producing bulk picks coupled with individual sequenced picks. Drill down on bulk picks without regenerating previously printed tickets.

Take greater control of your picking processes. You can control the way items are picked by setting parameters based on site, bin sequence, schedule, consolidation, or individual item. This can help you maintain your best profit margin.

Cut overhead costs. You can reduce errors and your handling time by consolidating bulk pick information. Save time and effort by issuing consolidated picking lists across numerous orders for common items. Implement efficient and effective picking processes that meet your needs at each of your sites. For each site, you can specify parameters such as picking sequence, document batch control, and whether or not bulk picking is in use.

Improved efficiency will increase customer satisfaction. You can increase efficiency through zone picking according to your warehouse layout, while still presenting documents to the customer in their preferred sequence.

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