Infographic: Expand Retail Markets by Having an Omni-Channel Strategy

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The retail industry is increasingly becoming more complex and is no longer dominated by physical retail locations. In today’s environment, consumers demand higher quality customer service and are willing to switch brands to fulfill this requirement. Consumers push for alternative buying options, whether that is in a physical store or online, and they expect expeditious shipping for free. With these new retail standards, retailers are driven by consumers’ need to find new technology and software solutions that meet the demands of the new retail environment.

A fully integrated, end-to-end, retail management software solution enhances the efficiency of key business functions and allows retailers to effectively manage every aspect of the supply chain. Mobility and real-time visibility empowers retailers with insight into all areas of their operation, including, but not limited to, merchandising, inventory, point of sale terminals, e-commerce, financials, and business intelligence.

Retailers can expand markets by having a flexible retail strategy that meets the needs of consumers, as well as staying current in the industry. Going omni-channel can drive retailers’ success by offering products through whatever channel the customer desires, while at the same time streamlining operations to reduce operational costs, increasing efficiency and profitably, and obtaining powerful insight to make more informed decisions.

Break away from the traditional, brick-and-mortar retail environment to bricks and clicks by following the omni-channel grail – a retail strategy focused on the consumer.

Omnichannel Infographic

About Hannah Horning

Hannah Horning is a part-time Marketing Associate at ArcherPoint as well as a full-time student at Ball State University. Hannah is currently a junior, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Marketing, and is an active member of Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology.

About ArcherPoint

ArcherPoint is a leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail solutions partner, providing retail companies with fully integrated, end-to-end business solutions. Retailers are empowered with affordable omni-channel retail solutions, to make informed decisions based on real-time insight into their retail environment, increasing their business value. ArcherPoint’s retail management systems are tailored to the unique needs of businesses, and have the ability to adapt and grow as business grows. For more information on ArcherPoint’s retail solutions, contact ArcherPoint directly at 877-651-7801.

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