Why Our Dynamics GP Consultants Love SmartConnect

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Our Dynamics GP Consultants love SmartConnect.  They want me to sell this product to every Dynamics GP prospect and if I don’t have it on the quote they want to know why.  SmartConnect is an integration tool for Dynamics GP, CRM, Salesforce.com and beyond. It allows you to easily create your own integrations and provides users with an interface to do so – so you don’t have to be a developer set up integrations. SmartConnect replaces Integration Manager, Scribe, and other legacy integration tools. SmartConnect is an eOne product which means if you have SmartList Builder then you are already familiar with one of the eOne products.  According to eOne, SmartList Builder is the number one selling Dynamics GP add-on module EVER with 13,500 sold.

Understanding How SmartConnect Works

SmartConnect allows you to mix and match any destination with any data source. You can also take any path you like to transform your data on the way. If you follow the diagram below you can see that SmartConnect:

  • Takes data out of GP and creates an XML file based on a defined schedule.
  • Takes Excel data and pushes it into Microsoft CRM, SalesForce.com or turns it into an XML file.
  • Moves data from CRM to SaleForce.com or pushes data from a text file into the CRM of your choice.
  • Moves data from one GP database to another - creating new transactions on the way.
  • Reads GP data to create more GP data


Key features that make SmartConnect easy to work with:

  • Transformation: Data is never provided to you in a nice prepared format. The on the fly transformation saves you from having to spend time formatting data before every integration.
  • Scheduler: The timing of each integration will be different. Some you want to run manually when you are ready. Others of you will want to trigger from code in another application and others must run every 3 minutes.
  • DataSource: Pull data from anywhere. Perform calculations on that data, do lookups to another database to return values, restrict and exclude certain data records and calculate the next record number.
  • Import/Export: SmartConnect can both import and export data to a variety of destinations. Once up, the maps are set and forget. You will receive an automatic email if for some reason a record does not integrate as planned.
  • Webservice: Call the SmartConnect webservice from any application. That might be Excel or your own in-house or custom software.

SmartConnect Convergence Only Discount

If you attended Convergence 2014 in Atlanta, you are eligible for the SmartConnect Convergence only discount. Anyone who currently uses Integration Manager, Scribe or another legacy integration tool can receive $1000 off the price of SmartConnect (normally $4500 + 17.5% annual maintenance).

Now our consultants want me to quote SmartView for every customer… more about this one coming soon!

If you are not a Dynamics GP 2010 or 2013 customer already then you should reach out to your local Dynamics GP Partner now!  SmartConnect is just one of many great products for Dynamics GP.  You can see more great add-ons here: Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner Products (Partial Listing)

Custom Information Services or CIS is a Microsoft Dynamics reseller in North Texas.   If you would like more information on our product and service offerings for manufacturers, please contact me through email at nphillippi@customis.com or by phone at 817-640-0016 x 109.

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  1. We have used this tool and I would agree with Nancy that it's a very powerful way to do back-end integration that addresses clients real business issues. Always a good thing in today's rapidly changing playing field.

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