Landed Cost Functionality for Microsoft Dynamics SL

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The Landed Cost module for Microsoft Dynamics SL enables you to capture actual shipping, handling, and import fees and easily roll them into the total cost of goods. Microsoft Dynamics SL is the ERP solution designed specifically for project-driven organizations, and if your project-driven organization is in distribution or manufacturing, the Landed Cost module enables you to calculate accurate inventory valuation by including additional charges beyond item purchase costs, such as miscellaneous origin and destination fees.

You can accurately account for all known inventory costs before your delivered inventory is even brought through your warehouse door. You will improve the accuracy of cost and profit analysis when you account for all the costs incurred for delivery, whether the costs are known at receipt of inventory or at any time thereafter.

Streamline processes and reduce manual work. You can update inventory costs for items with support for multiple valuation methods, including FIFO, LIFO, Average Cost, and Specific Identification. Avoid adjusting entries after the fact by automatically updating inventory values and financial ledgers according to the appropriate rules for each valuation method.
You can work with multiple currencies, efficiently recording and accounting for the landed costs associated with goods acquired from international suppliers. With bi-monetary support in the Microsoft Dynamics SL Inventory module, valuations updated by the Landed Costs module can be represented in inventory items' alternate currency.

Gain more accurate and immediate accounting of the total costs incurred in acquiring goods to account for all costs related to duty, freight, and insurance, rather than adding those costs in after the fact. With Landed Costs for Microsoft Dynamics SL.

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