How Much Does Warehouse Management (WMS) Cost? … ($967)

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What is the price you are willing to pay for Warehouse Management (WMS)?  … ($967)

Last year Appolis brought our industry leading smartphone and tablet based WMS and inventory apps to the Microsoft Convergence show floor, reducing  hardware and infrastructure costs related to WMS by as much as 2/3rds!  This year we brought you the revolutionary power of Microsoft Azure enabled WithoutWire™ Warehouse WMS Solutions.

What if you could automate the receiving, the put-away and the pick, pack, and ship of your inventory operations.  Add to that, best-of-breed cycle counting, inventory adjustments, bin transfers, and intelligent License Plate technology?  Couple that power with Microsoft Azure taking on your infrastructure support and backup costs.  What would you be willing to pay?  ($967).

You may have guessed the answer by now, and if you guessed $967/month, you are correct!  Appolis has long been a leader among the Microsoft Dynamics community of ISV’s (independent software vendors) in bringing innovation to the industry.  But what is now available in terms of subscription pricing brings you closer than ever to optimizing your operations and achievinng your greatest ROI (return on investment).

We no longer just offer traditional pricing of base license, plus concurrent users, plus base services and customization if needed.  This pricing model can lead to a large upfront investment that can tax your precious cash resources.  An on-demand, unlimited user model which requires no upfront cash can bring ROI in the most practical way for your company.  We call it Transaction based pricing.  Transactions are measured as Purchase Order lines received and Sales Order lines fulfilled on a monthly basis.  GP Cloud Pricing

So we stole a page from the friends and family cell phone plans.  You know the plan where you choose how many text messages you will allow your teen and tweenagers to use per month.  Similarly Appolis, through its new pricing model is allowing you to choose the level of transactions (think text messages) that you will need for the month.  We call these levels “Price Bands”.  Each price band allowing you progressively more transactions per month so that you can scale your business to meet your growth!  Now your WMS is working for you, rather than you working for your WMS.  On-demand means that you only pay for what you need, when you need it.  That is our innovative formula for rapid ROI!

company ACompany A depicts a seasonal business with a spike in activity (transactions) during the fourth quarter holiday season.  They increase their transactions for the three months of the fourth quarter, and the remaining nine months of the year can move down to a more affordable level.  It is month to month movements, with day to day visibility of your transaction activity levels.   company B

Company B shows a small business experience rapid growth.  By the 5th year they have grown (scaled) into a very powerful inventory automation tool, without facing the previously unattainable upfront costs!

 So I need to ask you again, what is the price you are willing to pay for Warehouse Management (WMS)?  … of course $967! 

Steve Dwyer

Principal, Appolis

About Appolis

Appolis WithoutWire™ Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) provides efficient inventory and process optimization for distribution and manufacturing organizations looking for more robust lot tracked traceability of inventory. WithoutWire provides control to the movement and storage of materials received into, moved within, and shipped out of your warehouse, remote inventory, and field service or route delivery locations.  WithoutWire Warehouse tracks the process associated with transactions, and provides real-time web-based visibility of your inventory.  WithoutWire will increase productivity, recall capability and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs and order fulfillment times to allow optimal decision making … on premise or in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

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  1. If your business has a warehouse facility then it is imperative that you have a warehouse manager. A warehouse manager can enforce safety regulations, manage production and shipping, check equipment and machinery as well as so many other tasks that need to be handled daily.

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