ERP for Manufacturing & Distribution | Focus on 3 Areas to Increase Productivity, Reduce Errors and Increase Efficiency

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Unless you are in business to stay stagnant, you need to continuously review internal processes to ensure growth in the right areas. As more and more businesses turn to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to increase efficiency and overall productivity, ensuring you have flexible systems in place is key to your planning and growth.

There are many products available on the market today for manufacturing and wholesale distribution companies to manage the full spectrum of the supply chain. If you are using the right tools, you are in sync from sales to the warehouse, from the accounting office to the satisfied customer. And everyone is happy. If that’s not the case, you have some work to do.

Small to medium size businesses can take advantage of the same opportunities the manufacturing and distribution leaders have by leveraging the right technology systems. After all, industry leaders were once a small business, too.  Getting the right systems in place now can mean smart growth and increased profitability. Start by reviewing your internal processes and developing a plan to reduce ineffectiveness.

Streamline communications across multiple channels

With the right document management system in place, your call support center, sales, business office and distribution departments - regardless of geographical locations can have access to the same information, at the same time. Customer orders, work or purchase orders, contracts and supporting documentation, quality control and engineering specifications can all be centralized for improved accuracy, faster quote-to-order cycle times,  and more rapid processing of approvals for order acknowledgement and fulfillment. The technology is here to empower everyone from design to warehouse to customer service with real time information.

Enhance operational efficiency and compliance

By utilizing an integrated document management solution with your ERP system, you can better assess expense to revenue ratios and generate a clear financial picture that includes real-time information about all open AP invoices that have not yet hit your ERP system and the general ledger: Manufacturing and distribution costs, AP Processing, Payroll, Inventory Management – the list goes on.

Company best-practices can be implemented each step of the way, creating transparency, eliminating guesswork and reducing errors. By automating workflow processes, employees can instantly access invoices and supporting documentation (work orders, POs, tickets), get approvals simultaneously and process invoices on time.  Executives have instant access to accurate reporting of KPI’s across the enterprise – improving operational efficiency and ensuring compliance.

Leverage existing technology

The exchange of key information and documentation between new and legacy systems can drive even more efficiency and accuracy.  Microsoft, Sage, Infor, Oracle and SAP are great ERP integration partners and provide paths to improving business process automation.  With flexible cloud-based and on-premises ERP systems, there are choices available for company-wide process improvement.

Make it a point to review software or system capabilities semi-annually and adjust to accommodate market conditions. After all, your business is dynamic – and your technology should be too.


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by docSTAR – Software Solutions for Cloud Based Document Management and AP Processing


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