Dynamics SL the right choice for facility management groups

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Many facilities management groups we speak with are starting to realize they need to be more efficient and responsive when it comes to managing their financials. In an increasingly competitive market, facility managers have to be able to adjust quickly to deploy the right tactics and resources as their business changes. They need to gather and analyze a wide range of data in order to decide the right path for moving forward. They need to be quicker than their competitors, and they have to abandon practices that don't work.

Microsoft Dynamics SL can help, by providing a fully integrated accounting solution that can be configured to manage one or multiple stadium facilities. Working with Microsoft Dynamics SL, you will gain access to reporting capabilities that allow you to gather nearly any information you can think of in just a couple of clicks. Dynamics SL can help you establish your key performance indicators (KPIs) and design custom dashboards, charts and reports to give you a real-time view of how your business is performing on all levels.

Going beyond the software, Intellitec Solutions is the right partner to help implement Dynamics SL for stadium management groups. We offer a custom financial management solution for facility management groups, and have helped more than 30 facilities grow, thrive and succeed. We know the industry, we know the pains, and we have proven solutions that work. When you engage Intellitec, you will see why we are the go-to partner for your industry based on our years of experience and advanced expertise.

For more information on how you can solve the pressing questions facility management groups face and how Dynamics SL can help, please contact us at 866-504-4357.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics SL Partner serving Pennsylvania and Delaware

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