December 2013 Release (Part 1): User Groups in Dynamics GP Toolbox

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When you install the latest build of Dynamics GP Toolbox, you will most likely notice some changes to preexisting tools and a few new tools! We've added some features to help you work simpler & easier. One of these features is to use groups of users for the Inactivity Timeout tool and the System Lockout tool. Rather than assigning one user at a time as an Administrator, the User Group allows you to assign a group of users to different settings; this gives you the flexibility of having different inactivity times for different groups. You can also create a group of users to be excluded from the System Lockout, rather than selecting each user.

To create a User Group, go to the Microsoft Dynamics GP menu and click Tools | Setup | Dynamics GP Toolbox | User Group Setup. In the User Group Setup window, create a User Group ID and Description.  Display your Users or User Classes, and select those you wish to be in the group.  Insert the marked options to the Selected Users and Classes and click Save.

User Group - 1

There you have your group, and you’re ready to assign those permissions or restrictions to the tools. To get these latest enhancements, be sure to install the newest build of Dynamics GP Toolbox. This new feature was added in the following Rockton Software builds:

GP10 - build 17
GP2010 - build 16
GP2013 - build 3

Watch the User Group tool in action by clicking here!

For more information on the December 2013 release, watch our recorded webinar hosted by Jenn Schoemer or request your personalized demo by emailing the Rockton Software sales team at

Written By Rhonda Sutliff, Product Specialist at Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

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