QuickBooks vs. Dynamics NAV on Limited Accounting Staff

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Often we hear from companies who have outgrown their accounting systems and need to do something different.  Usually these companies are running on Simply Accounting or QuickBooks and have hit the ceiling of what they can do with the software.  We are able to solve that problem for most of them by implementing a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV system, but sometimes the problem takes a slightly different turn.

What happens when your business outgrows your accounting staff?  Sometimes that is because the business has grown in complexity and you need to hire better trained or more experienced personnel.  At other times, it is because your business is growing so fast your staff cannot keep up and you just can’t hire or absorb enough new people to solve the problem.  There may be many manual processes compensating for inefficiencies in the current accounting system.  Implementing a new system such as Microsoft Dynamics NAV can give you the capability of a system that can grow to hundreds of users, ensuring you never outgrow the software and allowing your staff to be much more productive.  There are many success stories of businesses that have converted from entry level systems who are able to grow their businesses by two or three times without adding any new staff! 

Convert your existing system to Microsoft Dynamics NAV and you may never outgrow your accounting staff.

By Open Door Technology, a Dynamics NAV and Dynamics CRM Partner in Calgary, AB and serving Canada and the US  


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