More Information on New Releases for Microsoft Dynamics GP Coming in 2014!

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Excitement continues to grow for the new releases of Microsoft Dynamics GP scheduled to roll out in 2014!  I wrote a blog roughly two weeks ago highlighting the first announcement of these two new releases and promising to keep our readers informed with new information as it becomes available.  I’d like to follow up on my promise, as I recently got a glance into some more specific details on these releases.

Release Dates

In my previous blog I wrote that the new release will be expected sometime in the next 6 months.  To be more specific, users can now count on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2 being rolled out this May.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, the subsequent release, is expected to roll out in December of this year.

Some New Features of GP 2013 R2

Azure Backups-

Users will have the ability to store quick and easy backups for simplified data security.  According to Mariano Gomez, a Microsoft Dynamics MVP, “With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, now you have the ability to click only one button and have your backups stored directly into the Microsoft Azure storage infrastructure”.

New Inquiry Window-

The improved inquiry window in Dynamics GP now has the checkbook included as well, so users can see everything from one place.  Users working with cash receipts now have an easy way to see what checkbook they went into!

Improvements for Emailing Documents-

According to Mark Polino, a Microsoft Dynamics MVP, “One of the new features is that you can have a different email address for the different documents.  So you can send quotes to one person, and you can send invoices to another”.  In the past, documents had to be sent from one outgoing email address.

Fiscal Year Reverse-

Users can now reverse their fiscal years to make edits or record transactions as necessary to help with audits and compliance.  “Before you had to use Microsoft Services, now you have the ability to actually reverse your fiscal years, open them as you need, go back as many years as you need and record your transactions…depending on what your auditors suggested,” says Gomez.

Improved SmartList Navigation Pane-

This is a new feature that gives users greater control over their SmartList navigation pane.  With this simple improvement, the SmartList navigation pane will now disappear for you after you’ve clicked your desired SmartList.  You can also increase and decrease the width of the SmartList navigation pane to your desired size.

New Native Workflow Engine-

The native workflow engine in Dynamics GP 2013 R2 will no longer rely on a SharePoint engine for execution, as it has in the past.  The new native workflow architecture will allow workflows to be managed from the web client and eventually be used for social collaboration and notifications.


One of the best parts about being a Microsoft Dynamics GP user is having peace of mind, knowing that the future of Microsoft Dynamics GP is a long and bright one. More than 47,000 companies are using Microsoft Dynamics GP—and winning. Accounting for roughly 56% of all Microsoft Dynamics software revenue, Microsoft pumps much of those dollars back into R&D for further product development, and has no plans of retiring Dynamics GP any time soon.  Support from both Microsoft and its vast network of partners will continue to be some of the strongest in the industry.

Dynamics GP Roadmap


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