Microsoft Dynamics Annual Conference "Convergence 2014 Top 10 Highlights"

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After a dozen Convergence events, you’d think I wouldn’t get SO EXCITED about it each year, but I LOVE the unexpected jewels of information I discover, the new channel members I meet, and the exchange of experiences we indulge in!  Here are my top 10 #CONV14 gems that stick out this year:

1.  Of course, topping the list is the MANY features coming just around the corner with the next release, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 R2.  Although we’re excited for the BIG ROCKS (Identity Management and Workflow enhancements), our existing clients are thrilled to see LOTS of the smaller chunks such as: Copy/Paste into GL from excel; reverse fiscal year-end close; the ability to email batches of documents at one time; locking companies for maintenance; default sort order on AP checks, and doc attach!

Screen shot of how Identity Management changes:IdentityManagement


2.  You’ll have to act fast for this one, but Arianna Huffington is offering a free copy of her book THRIVE (by Mar 21 @ 9PM EST) which candidly shares her challenges of balancing a career while raising two daughters – drawing on research and scientific findings in the areas of meditation, mindfulness, unplugging, and giving!  I may write a blog on this alone, but Arianna Huffington and Biz Stone were keynote speakers on Wednesday evening!  These keynotes are almost reason enough to attend Convergence each year.  In the past few years we’ve also been treated to insights from General Colin Powell (Ret) and Kofi Annan (Former General Secretary of the United Nations).

3.  With Professional Advantage’s announcement that they have added CDA Express (Company Data Archive) to their popular Collection’s Management (CM) module, we are contacting many of our clients!  This addition will be a huge opportunity for many customers who haven’t taken advantage of already owning CM but ‘opted in’ when it transitioned from Microsoft back to Professional Advantage.

4.  Next year we will see GP 2015 and again the highlights include more improvements to the previously mentioned ‘ROCKS’, but also include a Business Portal replacement.  However, we know our existing clients will immediately chew on the little nuggets for their users like Multiple PO Prepayments; EFT Enhancements; SOP Line Items; and load balancing.

5.  It’s important to decompress and relax a bit with your friends.  After several days in town, Thursday night we were treated to the FUN concert that even included a sing-a-long of “Can’t always get what you want” (number 100 of Rolling Stone’s top 500 songs of all time).

6.  A very popular budgeting solution for our clients is Dynamics Budgets.  They have recently added an Active Directory integration for user setup; security filter set-up; login view & deletes; simple user-defined dashboards; additional reporting capabilities; data tags that can span databases and more!

7.  If folks couldn’t make Convergence, Microsoft has a LIVE Virtual Convergence option so we could listen to some of the Keynote and General Sessions info without paying for a registration.  Check out the link to see the opening keynotes and general sessions!VirtualConvergence

8.  If Convergence 2014 attendees missed a session, or just needed the notes, they can download the actual powerpoints from the “Schedule Builder”.  By filtering on the session type, product, or track, you can download the details to share with other employees in your organization!ScheduleBuilder


9.  By joining one of the Dynamics Communities (GPUG, CRMUG, AXUG, or NAVUG), you can gain access to all the User Group sessions from Convergence (and much more) loaded in the “Collaborate” areas of the individual websites.   You did NOT have to attend the events to gain access to these resources.   For instance, if you would like to see the highlights from the ALL-STAR session, you can go to the GPUG Collaborate Section and download our “Dynamics Idol” powerpoint (which includes screenshots and instructions) on the favorite tips shared during that fast-paced session (yes, a shameless plug since I co-hosted that session with my bestie, Sarah).

10.  The Microsoft Dynamics GP technology changes will include the dexterity architecture being ‘exposed’ thru sanScript logic as a service.  So, this will pave the way for all kinds of integrations to happen without having to get ‘into the code’ and use eConnect or Integration Manager as it is currently and use Windows Services and the like instead.

**At Collins Computing, we hold annual post-Convergence Collins Customer Webcasts, along with monthly sharing webcasts to be certain our clients are up-to-date on all tips, news, promotions, and highlights surrounding their Microsoft Dynamics implementations.  If you want to know MORE about any of the topic above, we encourage you to check out our offerings and knowledge sharing techniques by contacting us anytime, or following us on one of our social media connections, or watching a video we’ve shared!  And if you’re not too busy on April Fool’s day at 8:30am PST/11:30am EST you can join us for a preview of how we take care of our customers in a ‘mini-tips’ webcast.

 Let us know if you want to attend our “The (GP) Doctor Is In” webcast!Doctor is in


by Collins Computing

By Abra Lynne Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing, Inc.  |Count on Collins | Count on Success!

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