Essential ERP Software Strategy for 2014: My Final Four

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Ah, the best time of the year. Spring is here and people everywhere are strategizing.  Will it be the Florida Gators? Michigan? Or the Cinderella story?


When it comes to top picks – one of the best prediction strategies is to look at recent performance and underlying strengths. The same holds true for enterprise resource planning software (ERP). ERP is part of a larger strategy for business process improvement and ensuring you have the right partner as you move into 2014 and 2015 is critical.


So what makes an ERP solution a winner?


1.      Mobility

True collaboration happens when all team members are connected. Businesses need to reassess the way they deliver goods and services, and manage their enterprise with the explosive growth of mobile technologies. From the back office to the mobile sales force, ensure your ERP integration partner has the ability to handle different technology platforms and delivery methods intelligently. Stagnant, old-school, backroom technologies just won’t cut it.


2.      Applicability

Teams are most effective when they use the right tools for the right job.  What if we didn’t use the best players in their respective positions?  Businesses frequently try to make one software package do all things and in many cases this is not possible or practical.  Your ERP solution will excel at several key functions but it was likely not designed to do all the things you may want it to do, or be really good at it if it does.  Sometimes a simple specialized, plugin, add-on, or integrated solution can perform exactly what’s needed saving time, energy, and a ton of grief.


3.      Automation

 Teams can only excel when the basics are covered.  How can your star players shine when they are bogged down with outdated manual tasks? Many businesses do this unwittingly – jeopardizing productivity and growth. By automating business processes like payroll, HR, AP/AR and integrating systems you can increase efficiency. Higher efficiency means reduced costs throughout your business, freeing up time and resources to focus on the bigger picture.


4.      Alignment

Successful teams align activities with objectives. Why do many organizations fail to fully implement software? Not for lack of trying. But aligning your ERP software and solutions with business objectives is critical to moving forward successfully in 2014 and beyond. ERP systems cannot singlehandedly improve inefficient processes. Rather, review your internal processes and establish business objectives before you purchase an ERP.  The right ERP partner will align with your specific business goals, clarify where you are now, and how to get where you want to go.


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Written by Ray Emirzian of docSTAR – Document Management and AP Automation Solutions

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