Why Ease of Use Is Essential in Selecting an ERP System

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Simplification of common yet critical business tasks is one of the major goals of Enterprise Resource Planning. Effective ERP tools and systems make it easier for growing firms to manage distributed assets, collaborate with partners, and oversee increasingly complex supply chains while struggling to comply with regulations and meet consumer demands. Naturally, the ERP systems that firms choose must be well suited to the task, and ease of use is an essential selection criterion.

Real World Data Analysis
It makes sense that ERP systems with fewer bars to entry are more popular. These tools don't require as much training, and they can often be implemented with increased uniformity. Of course, there's also plenty of statistical data to back up the idea that ease of use is critical.

A recent Aberdeen Group study of user satisfaction with ERP systems highlights a few shared desirability factors. A poll of 106 respondents, for instance, showed that ease of use was consistently identified as an important factor by as much as 57 percent of the sample group. Notable usability aspects included whether a system provided user-tailorable interfaces and whether users could access and modify reports in a self-service capacity. The availability of end-user analytics and a consistent ability to modify the ERP solution in accordance with business changes were also rated as important.

ERP Ease of Use Stats

Effective Integration
When firms have to make major changes to their operating procedures to implement new ERP systems, the process can set them back quite a bit. These organizations often experience a serious reduction in momentum when they're forced to engage in massive training programs or revamp their existing productivity metric systems, and such slowdowns may result in critical profit losses.

In short, it's hard to continue business as usual when your old system no longer suffices and your new one takes forever to master. That's why Microsoft Dynamics chose to implement a number of built-in ease of use features in ERP products like Dynamics NAV or Dynamics GP. By allowing users to interact with productivity tools via their choice of clients, devices, and browsers, business consumer experience becomes conducive to actually accessing and utilizing vital data.

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