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AzureWhat if you could remove the upfront capital expenditure, lower your risk in implementation and pay only for what you need?  The next big thing appears to be Microsoft Dynamics ERP on Microsoft Windows Azure with ISV application as supplements that make sense for your business.  Clients are finding Microsoft Windows Azure and its global Microsoft-managed data centers fully equipped with security, 24/7 uptime and backup to provide a very compelling value proposition. 

IT infrastructure costs for on premise are becoming prohibitive to maintain and risky to scale.  Experts in the industry with this large investment in place make an affordable investment in Cloud SaaS deployments for large and small business.  The large enterprise will most likely adopt as a two-tier ERP.  Their main HQ ERP will remain on premise, while their branches and remote sites will find cloud offerings that match their business needs as a more affordable investment.  Small businesses who do not currently have IT, and would prefer not to get started with that large endeavor, are finding that their timing is ideal to embrace Cloud computing from reliable partners.

According to Louis Columbus, Contributor in a 2/7/14 Forbes article, “Mobility is unifying the manufacturing shop floor to the top floor faster than anyone thinks.  In traditional ERP systems mobile platforms are most often used for material handling, warehouse management, traceability, quality management, logistics and service tracking.  From the discussions I’ve had with CIO’s and a few CEOs of manufacturing companies, there’s a high level of interest in analytics, alerts, and approvals on Android and Apple tablets.  These apps and the speed of results they deliver are the new corporate bling.  Intuitive, integrated, and fast, these mobile apps make it possible for senior managers to check up on operations for wherever they are globally, in addition to approving contracts and being notified of events via alerts.”

iPad in Warehouse2

Look for SaaS to grow fueled by Distribution and Manufacturing to as much as 45% of all software installed within the next 10 years.  One such company taking a bullish position in mobility for Distributors and Manufacturers looking to leverage the power of smartphones and tablets is Appolis and their WithoutWire™ Warehouse WMS solution.  This product is designed for two-tier enterprise and SMB Clients either on premise, or on Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud platform.  This WMS is feature rich with no upfront fees, 3 year commitment or month to month, unlimited users, pay on demand, and pay only for what you use … starting as low as $967/month.  Ask about our Free Trial today!

Are you ready for the next big thing?


By Steve Dwyer, Vice President

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