Rockton Software’s SmartFill: Can’t Live Without It

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A couple of weeks ago, I was working in Microsoft Dynamics GP entering credit card information into a payables transaction. This involves several Account Number entries in repetition, and SmartFill makes this so incredibly easy, so easy, I take it for granted. Even though my account length is only a few characters, I still have no idea if the Travel account is 41500-10 or some other set of numbers. I just type “TRAVEL” into the Account Number field, and SmartFill puts in the digits for me. I love this tool—always have.


While working on this entry, I found a need to modify a GP report. GP has this long-known-never-gonna-get-fixed bug that disables all customizations once you enter Report Writer. Once I exited Report Writer and returned to my data entry project, SmartFill was no longer working. I only had a few more entries to do, so I hit the looking glass button and looked up the next account the old way, a laborious 12-step process. I was so frustrated that I rebooted GP, a two minute process, just so I could get SmartFill’s functionality back again. How anyone can stand to do data entry this way is beyond me.


SmartFill is incredible. I use it myself every time I’m in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Until you use it once, you just cannot appreciate how ridiculous life is without it.


Wanting to try SmartFill in your current GP? Contact the Rockton Software Sales Team to learn about our free trial period!


Written by Mark Rockwell, President of Rockton Software, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-On Partner.

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