How Microsoft GP Easily Tailors to Your Business without Sacrifices

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Microsoft Dynamics GP thrives in the distribution community and is known for its strong financial capabilities. KTL Solutions has been fortunate to work with many distribution companies and has a staff of consultants that are experienced in the industry. One client of ours in particular is a frozen food distributor.  Our implementation paved the way for a success story that is an example for other distributors experiencing similar growth pains.

This particular distributor continues to grow year over year, adding new clients with different needs. Their old system, SAGE’s MAS200, wasn’t able to cater to billing requirements and their contracts functionality was limited. They had hit ceiling peaks with transactions and had very few integration points. Their system didn’t have the flexibility like GP, and they found themselves tailoring their business around their ERP, not their ERP around their business.

Selecting an ERP was a long process for the distributor and they had to insure they selected the right solution. Ultimately, they selected Microsoft Dynamics GP for many reasons based on functionalities, maturity and support. We used automated workflows, integrating with the external systems to create a seamless business process. Dynamics GP is seamless to the end user and eliminated manual processes. Flexibility of a rules-based work flow and easily changed fields were a home run for the distributor.

The company uses many other key features of Microsoft Dynamics GP contracts, including billing scheduling, AP & AR processing and cost accounting for freight. In the future, the company is looking at web client, SharePoint integration and requisitions. The abilities are limitless and have such a vast selection of add-ons. The Microsoft community continues to grow and with growth brings new functionalities to the clientele base.

Microsoft GP is designed to fit your business model and your business should never compromise its needs to an ERP system. Microsoft’s GP distinction to adapt, its maturity and ease of use are all part of the success of the software.

by KTL Solutions

1 thought on “How Microsoft GP Easily Tailors to Your Business without Sacrifices”

  1. Microsoft Dynamics GP can reduce unproductive tasks and repetitive works. Employees don't have the burden to learn a complex business system as it is very quick to learn and easy to work. Optimize buying inventory management and more. Today's business and competition need an effective, flexible, advanced and clean business system and GP fills the gap.

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