How Dynamics NAV Software Helps Process Manufacturers Respond to the FSMA

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Approved in 2011, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) brings significant changes on the food safety landscape by requiring process manufacturers to focus on preventing instead of responding to food contamination.

The new regulations with regard to the way foods must be grown, harvested, processed, stored and transported, has given the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) additional responsibilities. As a result, the FDA has tightened food security preventive and control measures more than ever before. Now, food processors must put emphasis not only on implementing the new requirements of the FSMA, but also on proving compliance through record keeping. How will they manage to do that?

Is Process Manufacturing Software the Answer?

In an article published on, David Acheson, the Founder and CEO of the Acheson Group – one of the best consulting firms for food and beverage companies – asserts that leveraging technology is critical to meet the requirements stipulated in the FSMA.

In this post, we’re going a little further and explain how Dynamics NAV along with Vicinity Manufacturing– an add-on embedded with special tools for food processors – can assist process manufacturers in meeting these requirements. To be more specific, these technology advancements can be used to address the following four areas:

  1. Production Control: Manufacturing process control implies much more than granting users access to real-time information, analytical functions and reporting tools. Process control also implies identification, analysis, control and elimination of hazards.
    Solution: A very useful add-on to the process manufacturing software Dynamics NAV, Vicinity Software focuses on batch tickets, allowing production controllers to verify each batch in order to spot inaccuracies along with existing and potential hazards during the manufacturing process. Vicinity Software can also be set up to record all process parameters, enabling users to prove compliance with the FSMA.
  2. Testing Results: Testing represents a very important step of the production process. Depending on results, you can analyze, interpret and find the right solutions for avoiding food safety issues.
    Solution: Both NAV and Vicinity Software enable product developers to analyze existing recipes based on raw materials’ characteristics, and then change and refine formulas and production processes in order to obtain consistent outcomes. Since quality control technicians are able to record all the adjustments they make, they can verify at any time if particular end products meet FSMA’s specification patterns.
  3. Product Tracking: The ability to track products by lot, sub-lot and quality logs is of utmost importance when process manufacturers need to find out where they got certain raw materials from, how they used them and where they sent the end products containing those materials.
    Solution: Dynamics NAV is a reliable process manufacturing software product that grants access to information for tracking, collecting, recording and reorganizing product details from anywhere and at any time during the purchase, production, transfer or sales process.
  4. Data Analysis: To identify specific production problems, such as sub-optimal performance and recurring issues, manufacturers need a software solution that allows them to connect real-time production monitoring parameters with testing results and consumer complaints.
    Solution: With the help of NAV and Vicinity Software, manufacturers can drill down to the level of detail required for an in-depth, accurate analysis of production lines, plant operations, products, risks, revenue, profit and potential growth.

In an economic environment where many small- and mid-sized enterprises are struggling to survive, Dynamics NAV along with Vicinity Manufacturing deliver a complex process manufacturing software solution that not only fits perfectly into the FSMA, but also promotes enterprise growth by streamlining production; automating order processing; reducing manual data entry burden; giving greater visibility into production, inventory and supply chain; and improving customer management and service.

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