Harvesting the Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP

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A chain of five northern Michigan grocery stores had been experiencing great difficulty utilizing their out-of-date and antiquated software system. While they were researching new solutions, they learned that Microsoft Dynamics GP was used in a number of other grocery stores, and their larger grocery store affiliate highly recommended Microsoft Dynamics GP. They now knew what the solution was, but they needed a partner to help them implement the software and move forward. Through this referral, they knew The TM Group had a long history in the grocery industry. They wanted The TM Group to really optimize this solution to fit their unique needs.

Their longtime controller was retiring and the new controller was being introduced. They decided to transition their archaic solution to the state-of-the-art, robust platform that Microsoft Dynamics GP offers. One of their biggest obstacles had been the inability to generate reports. Reporting is paramount and is the main benefit in this key area with Microsoft Dynamics GP. They had distinctive challenges that other grocers with multiple stores also face. They needed more timely information that could be consolidated but kept separate so they could easily track inventory for each store. In addition to this, they also required more control internally so they could gain quick access to complete customized reporting information. More control would definitely result in better reporting and streamlined business processes for their company.

Microsoft Dynamics GP affords quick and easy access to critical business information. We needed to create reporting benefits for this client by centralizing and automating all their data in one database. The automation of the reporting process has created more functionality when reporting on financials. For example, if they want to run a custom report for a vendor at a particular location, they can drill down to that information automatically, right within Microsoft Dynamics GP, any day of the year. Utilizing this functionality is allowing this grocer better business insight to make critical decisions and stay ahead of their competition.

Better integration tools are definitly a necessity. They needed Microsoft Dynamic’s GP ability to smoothly incorporate with their retail POS system, the payroll time clock, their inventory program, and their sales operations. We are happy to report that today they have full control of their data in a consolidated and easy-to-manage format. Our client moved forward and implemented the basic core functions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, bank reconciliation, and payroll.

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Authored by: Christopher Tepper, Chris Mast and Jennifer Swiderski —
The TM Group, Inc.

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