Document Attachment – One of the Best Reasons to Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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Many organizations are looking for compelling reasons for upgrading their system to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. There are many enhancements that come with every new version, and in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 with Service Pack 2, there are even more new features.

One of the best new features that upgrade customers are very enthusiastic about is Document Attachment Management. This new feature allows users to attach multiple documents to master records and transactions. These can be documents like Vendor W-9, Contracts, Sales Tax Resale Certificates, Credit reports, Customer PO, etc. 

Better than OLE Notes: The Document Attachment Management is better than the existing OLE Notes feature because users can add multiple documents to a record or transaction, preview them, add descriptions, create attributes for document types, “flow” to transactions, attach documents to transactions headers and/or line detail and email documents along with the transaction. While the Notes field still continues to exist, most customers find this feature more robust than the legacy Notes fields. 

Take a tour:  Document Attachment is simply a paperclip icon on the master records window or transaction windows. Once the first document is attached, the paperclip icon changes to a paperclip with paper attached.



Users can attach documents to the following master records:


-      Items

-      Customers

-      Vendors


An example of Customer master record with Document Attachment:



When users click on the paperclip icon, the Document Attachment Management window opens.  A brief description can be added, the documents can be previewed and can add/delete multiple documents. There are additional options by clicking the expansion arrow (-> blue arrow) next to document, including type for ‘flow’, attribute and email options for each document. 


Below is an example of Document Attachment Management window:



Favorite Reason Number #1: One of my favorite pieces of Document Attachment is a feature that allows users to attach a master record document down to a transaction with the ‘flow’ function. This “flow” function allows a document to automatically attach to a transaction.


These are some of the most popular transaction types that have Document Attachment Management:


-          Sales Order

-          Sales Invoice

-          Sales Return

-          Standard Purchase order

-          Drop-Ship Purchase Order

-          Shipment Receipt

-          Shipment/Invoice Receipt


Here’s an example of a Document Attachment that flowed from the Customer Master record to a Sales Order Processing Document:



Favorite Reason Number #2: My second favorite piece of this new feature is that users can send the documents along with the email for Purchase Orders and Sales Orders. By using the email functionality for documents in Microsoft Dynamics GP and allowing attachments to be sent in email, users can select attachments to include in email when a Purchase Order or Sales Document is sent in email. 


Here’s an example of a Sales Order Invoice that an attachment can be selected to send in email:



There is also an option to delete attachments from master records and transactions in the Document Attachment Management window. A password can be required to be entered when attempting to delete an attachment from a master record or transaction.


If you are thinking about upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, this is the time to do it and gain maximum benefits from this exciting new feature. Contact a partner like The Resource Group ( to learn about the benefits of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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  1. I want to attach a purchase order received via e-mail or downloaded from our customer to an order we entered in Great Plains so I can send both back to our builder for invoicing purposes.

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