Advanced Revenue Recognition and Subscription Billing Software: Now Available for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, AND GP

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If you work with - or run - Microsoft Dynamics GP, you may already be familiar with Tensoft’s advanced revenue recognition, billing and contract management solution, Tensoft Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).  Tensoft RCM is the only solution of its kind that is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD), your assurance that specific quality and reliability criteria have been met by the certified application.

What you may not yet be aware of is that Tensoft has just announced the general availability of its enhanced Tensoft On Demand Integration which provides seamless integration – in the cloud - with Tensoft RCM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP, including Dynamics GP, NAV and AX.  This easy, streamlined integration moves transaction and master data efficiently and securely. Augment your system to get the deep revenue or billing functionality you need without having to rip-and-replace your current solution.  Move data, accepting data pushed from your systems and retrieving data from anywhere.  This makes integration one more service that you can leverage for productivity, without the need for additional technical resources.

You may be wondering: So, how is this different from other integration services or products?  You see a lot about integration these days – mostly emphasizing how easy or available it is.  Almost every ERP solution and business system application has integration available in some form.  Most of these integration solutions are APIs (application programmer interfaces) or Web Services (to some defined protocol).  These solutions are integration enablers – but they are not integrations. If you want to link one system to another you need someone to review the API for both systems and to write code to move data back and forth.  This is where the Tensoft On Demand Integration comes in.  There is no code for you to write or maintain – the glue that links systems together is part of our solution.  There is also flexibility for how we move data from one system to another – you can push data to our system, we can retrieve it from your system, or we can retrieve it from a neutral shared data repository – whatever is the most efficient option for you.  Most cloud software services require customers to either write code to integrate, or to find an IaaS solution that works for them.  Tensoft simplifies this headache by reviewing, testing and configuring our platform so that you don’t have to, and we maintain the integrations so that they keep running smoothly.  Oh, and did I mention that Tensoft On Demand Integration works in the Cloud?

So, if you – or one of your NAV or AX customers – needs a single, unified billing, revenue recognition and compliance solution that handles the more complex needs of technology companies, be sure to take a good look at Tensoft Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).  Whether your only requirement is complex revenue recognition or you also have complex contractual billing arrangements – including high volume subscription billing – and compliance-dictated revenue recognition models to support, Tensoft has the experience and solutions to make your life easier.

By Bob Scarborough, Tensoft Inc, a California-based Microsoft Dynamics VAR and Application Developer

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