What’s Hot And What’s Not: Know for Sure with Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Customers can be fickle and hard to satisfy at times.  Customer interests change and you need to keep up with those changes or risk becoming obsolete.  The best way to keep on top of what’s hot and what’s not is by watching for trends in your business data.  In order to spot trending data, you need a robust enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, not disparate specialty software.

When using disparate software solutions, your data is separated by departments, often in different formats, making it difficult to access and analyze.  It can be time-consuming to combine various reports and try to make sense of what you have on hand.  While you may have inventory counts, for example, you may not know profit margins, or have any insight regarding the customer satisfaction with those products.  As a result, it is nearly impossible to sort out data trends that may indicate which products are selling well and which may become obsolete.

It is far more efficient to manage all of your core business data within an integrated ERP solution.  By combining financials, supply chain, inventory, manufacturing, human resources and payroll, and other critical business data, you will have no problem finding data quickly and easily.  The ease of use with many of today’s ERP solutions will also improve data entry, providing real-time data that you can use when making swift business decisions.  In addition, since data is integrated within a single solution, your teams can find and share data which will improve their productivity, as well as data accuracy.

With access to real-time, accurate data, you can watch for trending data.  You can see which products are selling well and which may not be meeting sales expectations.  You can monitor sales by region, season, customer type, and other qualifiers so you can make decisions on whether products are gaining popularity or whether marketing campaigns may be necessary.  All of this trending data will help you develop more accurate inventory and production forecasts, and anticipate changes in customer demands.  All of which can save money and ensure that you have the products your customers want, when they want them.

A robust ERP solution will get you closer to the data you need to respond faster to changing customer demands.  Contact OTT, Inc. for more information about using ERP to find out what’s hot and what’s not and keep your customers coming back.

By OTT, Inc., a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Certified Partner out of Minnesota

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