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Since the launch of the Encore Blog back in May, we’ve been able to share our wide-range of ERP software knowledge, and in particular, Microsoft Dynamics.  Here are the 5 posts that got the most hits on the Encore Blog in 2013.

New Features in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3
This post addressed the key new features of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 well in advance of its impending release in April.  Visit this post for a “Cole’s Notes” overview of the update including mobile, e-procurement, budgeting, warehouse management, and retail. Also, have a look at the complete Dynamics AX Statement of Direction.

How to Find and Enter Your GP Registration Keys
It seems as if lots of people are wondering how to find and enter their Dynamics GP registration keys. This post features a detailed, step by step series of instructions for figuring out what your keys are, and then making sure they are entered correctly and quickly.

Free Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP
This post contains more than ten direct download links to .zip files containing add-ons for Dynamics GP - including payroll activity tracking, PSTL keys, and autodim.  There’s something for everyone here; all quick installs to make your workflow a little smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions About Upgrading to Dynamics GP 2013
Get answers the most common questions that customers have when they enter into the planning stages of their upgrade.   There is some vital information about what will be affected, what has changed, and issues you might run into.

Best of Microsoft Dynamics GP Apps
This was a special project post; we weeded through all of the add-ons available for Dynamics GP and pinpointed the most cost-effective and functional add-ons, based on feedback and our own experiences.

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