Learn the 90/10 Rule of ERP Software: Why Choose Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Do you know that around 90% of ERP software functionality is consistent across different vendors?  The remaining 10% makes all the difference, and that’s where Microsoft stands above its competitors.  It is for this reason that you should look beyond just basic functionality requirements when determining what system is right for you.  Consider key differentiators such as user experience, user adoption, collaborative capabilities, mobility, deployment options, ease of customization, ease of extension and integration, and of course, the affordability of your solution.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to be a winning force for ERP solutions in SMB market.  Flexible deployment options, including cloud hosting, enable any size business to take advantage of full ERP functionality within Dynamics GP.

User Adoption and Experience-

One of the best parts about Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is that it’s easy to adopt, and easy to use.  It retains the look and feel of Microsoft Office products and other Microsoft applications that your users likely have experience with and use on a daily basis.  This means less training, less end-user confusion, and faster adoption rates to make for an easy transition.

Accessing various parts of the application is fast with optimal navigation that works according to intuition and logic.  Getting around Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is simple and can be done with the fewest number of clicks possible.

Collaborative Capabilities-

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 brings new levels of collaboration to organizations.  New features like Document Attach allow you to connect relevant context to each transaction.  With this feature you can attach informative details, pictures, notes, or contracts directly to a transaction or line item, giving your employees the information they need to be up-to-date, right where they need it.

Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is role-tailored, giving your people relevant insights they need on a day-to-day basis.  Well-defined roles and access to the right information means your team can fully utilize the software while still providing you with full control over security and critical functions.  Not only can you remain secure and compliant, but you can also ensure a detailed and accurate audit trail with tighter, role-based security controls.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, connecting your back office accounting data with your sales, marketing, and customer service data to improve collaboration, productivity, and service management.  Connecting the two systems provides company-wide access to all the data necessary for the many roles in an enterprise, creating synergy and time-saving benefits for team members.

Furthermore, online deployment options for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 give you multi-tenancy capabilities, allowing multiple users to access and utilize the application simultaneously without affecting each other’s work.

Deployment and Mobility-

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 has multiple deployment options to fit the needs and budget of any business.  Organizations that require private control over their data, extensive customizations, and a high number of users may consider on-premise deployment.  On-premise deployment gives businesses greater control over their software and data environments, but also means more investment in supporting infrastructure and IT staff.

Businesses that require lower costs in the short term, greater mobility, or have varying numbers of users may consider an online deployment.  When you host Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud, your team gets all the comprehensive functionality of the on-premise version, but on a subscription basis and with greater mobile access for your employees.

Ease of Customization, Extension, and Integration-

The key to a flexible business solution is the foundation of modern, open technology that it is built on.  Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 is designed with the knowledge that today’s businesses have unique requirements and will need a flexible software solution that maps specifically to those requirements.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 you get to customize the software to your business, and not the other way around.

A wide range of functionality can be easily added to your Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 solution with third party applications.  Thanks to the forward-thinking team of developers at Microsoft, third party applications plug right into Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 to provide complete functionality in nearly any industry.  Extension with Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applications is fast and easy, and thus affordable.

Finally, Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, so your employees can complete many of their tasks without jumping between various applications.


These key differentiating factors make Microsoft Dynamics GP the perfect business solution for organizations looking for a smooth, headache-free transition onto a platform that will sustain and fuel their growth for years to come.  It’s also scalable, which means it will have no problem accommodating more users as your business grows.

Full-bodied ERP functionality that meets your needs is absolutely crucial for the success of your business solution.  With Microsoft Dynamics GP you get full, comprehensive functionality along with the differentiating factors that make life easier for both IT, and your organization as a whole.


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