Dynamics GP – Tracking Shipping Performance: Requested Ship Date vs. Actual Ship Date and More!

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There’s a great Smartlist in Dynamics GP that easily allows users to track the Requested Ship Date vs the Actual Ship Date of a Sales Line called “Shipping Performance.”  Many users review this Smartlist on a weekly or monthly basis to determine their percentage of on-time shipments to Customers.

Did you know that if you have the Manufacturing Module installed that there are more Sales Line Dates that can be utilized?  If you navigate from the Sales Transaction Entry window to Additional --> Manufacturing Sales Item Detail, the MFG Series Sales Item Detail window will open.  On this window, there are 2 more date fields which can be used to track dates as well:

1.       In- House Due Date:  This is the due date for the completion of the associated manufacturing order, so that the Sales Order quantities can be shipped on the Requested Ship Date and will arrive by the customer promise date.  However, if the Item is not a Manufactured Item, you can still utilize this date field as a reference field.

2.       Customer Promise Date:  This is the date the customer can expect the delivery of the Sales Order Line Item.

Still require more Sales Line Dates?   We’ve recently created enhancements for several Customers to capture additional Sales Line Dates from the Sales Transaction Entry window.  For example, we added a Sales Line Dates window for a Customer with the following date fields:

  • Desired Date
  • Tentative Date
  • Original Promised Date
  • Current Promised Date

The Sales Line Dates window opens automatically when the Sales Transaction Entry window opens and positions itself along the bottom edge of the Sales Transaction Entry window.  The Sales Line Dates window allows the Customer to track a number of dates associated with each Sales Line to provide reporting on how well they do delivering product within the dates desired by the Customer.

Sales Line Dates

The first step in improving your Shipping Performance is the ability to accurately track it!

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