New eBook Shines Light on Microsoft Dynamics VAR and ISV Relationships

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Binary Stream , provider of innovative products for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, has released a new eBook: "Greater Than The Parts ", which promises to help Dynamics ERP users "harness the power of your Microsoft Dynamics VAR and ISV relationships". The eBook offers up six strategies for improving relationships with Dynamics VAR (value-added reseller) and ISV (independent software vendor) partners for Microsoft Dynamics GP . Borrowing the philosophy of Aristotle who said "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts," this white paper promotes a holistic approach to dealing with VARs and ISVs. Binary Stream's extended experience in the field is put to use offering insights that have been tested in real-world situations. The six strategies are:

  1. Communicate regularly and openly
  2. Build trust with your partner
  3. Collaborate through the rough patches
  4. Lean on your partner to improve your business
  5. End toxic relationships and find the right match
  6. Choose a reselling partner with strong ISV relationships

The eBook’s layout is easy on the eyes, and its language is easy to follow yet still manages to squeeze in a great deal of useful information into ten pages. It even includes a "wallet card" checklist to help you remember the six strategies on the go. As great as Microsoft Dynamics ERP products are, they will not make business happen on their own. They still require users who are committed and focused on getting the most out of the innovative tools they have at their disposal. Smoothing out relationships with VARs and ISVs can go a long way toward propelling a business to its goals, and this eBook is an excellent resource for getting started. Download the “Greater Than the Parts” eBook now By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner,

1 thought on “New eBook Shines Light on Microsoft Dynamics VAR and ISV Relationships”

  1. Good advice in this eBook on Partner and Customer relationships. I plan on using this to help some of the Dynamics GP customers that call our company that are not happy with their current partner.

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