Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client – Take a Quick Peek!

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Have you seen the Microsoft Dynamics GP Web Client in action?  If not, take a quick look at this Collins Computing video displaying and contrasting the GP Web Client and the GP Full Client.

This week the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP blog’s Weekly Topic is the “Web Client”, so there is even more talk throughout the Microsoft Channel on this newer access method into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

With the recent enhancements of additional GP web client modules, improvements to the web management console, and ISV (add-on products) extensibility, the Microsoft Dynamics GP customer base will begin to embrace this access method.  To tell the truth, since nearly all of our Microsoft Dynamics GP customers utilize add-on modules to process their daily transactions, the ability for them to use the web client hasn’t been feasible for most of their users.  There are indeed some users who do benefit from being able to access the system remotely without a terminal server or direct connection.  However, this number has been limited by the need of the wonderful ISV products our channel has developed.


So, we expect that with these recent web client enhancements, the ISVs will be able to extend their capabilities to the web client.  Therefore, more customers will adopt this access method for their users.  As mentioned in one of the ‘Microsoft Convergence’ sessions we attended last year, with the ability of having a greater number of ‘speedy’ connections on a web client server than a Remote Desktop Server (previously Terminal server), our Microsoft Dynamics customers would benefit all the way around by taking advantage of this future technology.


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By Abra Lynne Gilman, Senior Consultant, Collins Computing, Inc. |Count on Collins. Count on Success.|

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