Manufacturing Functionality for Dynamics SL

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Dynamics SL delivers project-focused accounting and business management software for project-driven organizations, and if your project-driven business incorporates manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics SL has fully integrated manufacturing software tools available in the Advanced Management edition or a la carte.

The Bill of Materials module comes with the Advanced Management edition of Microsoft Dynamics SL, and is also available a la carte for the Business Essentials edition. This module supports the costing and production of manufactured and assembled goods. You can view costs, change orders, or get inventory and site information for any bill of materials component.

Product structures are displayed via an "explorer" type tool, enabling you to easily navigate up and down a tree that represents "parent" and "child" relationships between parts. You can view items to be used in the manufacturing process and what quantities will be required, adjusted by designated scrap factors.

You define and then track how the parts are to be assembled and processed. For each bill of material, you can define a corresponding routing with as little or as much detail as you require. Powerful update and rollup cost tools will save you time, and you'll have accurate, up-to-the-minute inventory counts for component, subassembly, and finished good items.

In addition, the Work Order module is available a la carte for both the Advanced Management and Business Essentials editions of Dynamics SL. Work Order helps you plan and track product item costs and keep general ledger accounts and inventory quantities seamlessly integrated.

Work Order enables you to view your on-hand and available inventory levels for a specific date, and to get accurate work-in-process data while production is under way, so you can take timely action on a work order with impending cost overruns. You'll also get one-click access to all plan and action details for work orders, sales orders, and purchase orders, including inventory position by site, cost layers, and transaction details.

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