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In the past I was never a big proponent of providing free software trials to prospects because I always thought that software was too complicated for the average end user, and software was not always that easy to install.  You also had to consider if the prospect's network and server met the software’s requirements to run properly.    However, times have changed and end users are a lot savvier than in years past.   Now that software is offers in the cloud and on premise options for deployment, there are no network concerns for the free trials other than that prospects have a good Internet connection and Internet Explorer.   I still am concerned that end users don’t understand that with any software package, training and setups are extremely important in getting the most out of the investment.   Dynamics GP and Vicinity Manufacturing are no different.   Dynamics GP is a very robust financial and distribution solution and Vicinity Manufacturing is interfaced to Dynamics GP for formula, production, quality control, etc., for the batch process manufacturer. Together, both products solve many business and operational issues.

Now the process manufacturer can take a look at these products in a free 30 day trial.  Custom Information Services (CIS) as a Dynamics GP and Vicinity Manufacturing Partner is pleased to offer this trial with Go ERP Cloud.   Keep in mind that this trial is for companies that are process manufacturers, not discrete manufacturers.  If you are not sure which type of manufacturer category your business falls under, read this article: What is Process Manufacturing?  Examples of process manufacturers are Food, Beverage, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Paint, and Chemical companies.  Process manufacturers can’t take apart what they make, discrete manufacturers like phones, computer, bikes, can take apart or dissemble their finished goods.

If your business needs formula management, formula security, multiple units of measure, physical property information, material data safety sheets, quality controls and documentation then check out this free trial and call me! Remember… don’t be confused by the software... it is supposed to be implemented by experts like CIS!  CIS has been working with formula manufacturers since back in the olden days of the 1990’s.  CIS was incorporated in 1989… We have worked with Platinum / Sage PFW until it was clear that the software would be retired by Sage.  You can read many other articles we have written about process manufacturing here: CIS ERP Software Blog Articles  

You can sign up here for your free trial: 
Dynamics GP and Vicinity Manufacturing Free Trial

Vicinity Manufacturing


Custom Information Services is a Microsoft Dynamics GP Silver ERP Partner in North Texas and has a long history of working with formula based manufacturers as well as companies with complex accounting and inter-company processing.

If you care to comment on the information above or have any questions please feel free to contact me at or call 817-640-0016.

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