Dynamics GP – The Top 5 System Administrator Tools!

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It’s that time of year again!  The holiday cheer is spreading and there are so many reasons why we all should be thankful.  Of course, I’m extremely thankful for our clients.  I get to speak with some of the most energetic and intelligent GP users on a consistent basis.  Their businesses are as diverse as their locations – across the US, throughout Europe, and even stretching into the Middle East.

One of my favorite aspects of my job is hearing how one of our WilloWare products have made life a little easier by improving productivity or creating efficiencies within a business.  Throughout the past year, I’ve kept track of our most popular tools in 3 categories – demo requests, sales, and positive feedback.

When receiving feedback from our clients’ who are the GP System Administrators for their business, these were the top 5 tools from our GP PowerPack that SA’s were thankful for this year:

  1. Login Monitor:  Login Monitor automatically logs-out inactive users.  You can make full use of your existing GP User Licenses by ensuring that your user count is not consumed by inactive log-ins, and reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to the system by automatically closing inactive GP clients.  Specific users can be excluded from Login Monitor so their logins are never disconnected.  Before logging-out a user Login Monitor checks that they are not in the middle of a long running process, such as posting a large batch or running maintenance.
  2. Cache System Password:  With Cache System Password, once a user has entered the System Password, it is remembered so that other system-level windows can be opened without having to re-enter the system password for each window.  The password remains cached for that user until the GP client is restarted.
  3. System Access Lock:  System Access Lock provides the ability to quickly lock all users out of one or more company databases during closing procedures or maintenance.  Display a custom warning message if users attempt to log-in to a locked company.  Specify which users are allowed to log-in during the lock-out.
  4. Smartlist Favorite Lock:  Smartlist Favorite Lock adds the ability to lock, and password protect, any user created SmartList Favorite.  Smartlist Favorite Lock prevents accidental changes to important SmartList Favorites, such as those used for exports.
  5. Client Version Tracking:  Client Version Tracking is a utility for managing the configuration of every Dynamics GP client in your system.  When each client connects to the server, Client Version Tracking records the version information of every dexterity product installed on the client.  Version information for all clients can be viewed in the Client Version Information window, where the view can be restricted by client computer or module, or a “Conflicts Only” view that just shows client/modules with version conflicts.  An optional setting prevents GP clients with conflicts from logging-in to GP until the conflicts are resolved.

The GP PowerPack Suite is full of great modules and tweaks designed to make processing in GP easier, not just for System Administrators, but for all users.  If you have ever asked, “Why doesn’t GP do….”,visit our GP PowerPack webpage as your wished-for feature is probably already in GP PowerPack!

Written by Karen Soligon at WilloWare, a firm dedicated to helping businesses achieve a positive Return On Investment using Microsoft Dynamics GP.  WilloWare provides unique products that help users be more efficient, and by partnering with their clients to create client specific enhancements that streamline business activities.

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