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For some reason, some business applications are dedicated to locking out software from other providers. The rationale seems to be ‘If our application only plays nice with our other first-party applications, our customers will buy all our products!’

But from the customer’s perspective, exclusionary software drives up costs, sometimes to the point that steep concessions must be made (or worse yet, the project abandoned entirely).

Microsoft Dynamics GP has a different approach; play nice with external software. Then, instead of driving costs up (and customers away), you give your customers more flexibility and a way to simplify the customization process and reduce costs.

Connecticut based IT services provider PCNet Inc. has benefited from this "play nice" approach.

PCNet needed Dynamics GP tailored to their specific industry processes for distribution and IT services. CAL Business Solutions, their Connecticut based Dynamics GP partner, was able to leverage Dynamics GP’s compatibility to incorporate third-party software to build out the system’s functionality quickly and easily.

CAL added SalesPad to Dynamics GP to manage customer service, inventory, and sales fulfillment. SalesPad was used to meet all the industry specific needs, allowing PCNet to keep a clean core version of Dynamics GP without customizing the source code. This saves money and makes customizations easier.

“SalesPad has simplified our sales order processing,” PCNet Vice President General Manager Erik Soto said. “We have improved our quoting time by over 50 percent just based on the ability to really manage inventory and inventory item creation in a much easier way.”

“I keep bringing up the word customize,” Soto said. “The ability to easily customize SalesPad based on our business processes and workflow has been the biggest benefit for us. I feel Microsoft Dynamics GP with SalesPad will benefit anyone who has a sales order process that needs to be customized for their business.”

PCNet also uses ConnectWise, a software specific to the IT industry, for technician dispatch and IT support case tracking, but linked it to Dynamics GP.

“We leverage ConnectWise for service, time and agreement management and that information is pulled back into Dynamics GP for the accounting functions such as billing, collections and reporting,” Soto said. “We click a button and all that activity is in Dynamics GP.”

The ability to add on functionality and the freedom to choose what software provider to use allowed PCNet to find a solution that’s function-rich and cost efficient. Read the full PCNet story at:

SalesPad is a certified Microsoft Dynamics ISV product (independent software vendor) so it makes sense that it is compatible with Dynamics GP.

ConnectWise is a completely separate software product, yet Microsoft Dynamics GP’s open architecture means the integration is still no problem.

In other words, Microsoft Dynamics GP knows how to play nice with other software packages.

When Microsoft Dynamics' open nature is combined with the expertise of a seasoned Microsoft Partner, clients save time and money.

If you are looking for a new ERP software that has an open architecture, and plays nice with other software packages, contact CAL Business Solutions at or 860-485-0910 to discuss Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Request a free automated Microsoft Dynamics GP price quote at

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