Scary Low Prices from Microsoft’s ‘Give Me 5’ Promotion is Definitely a Treat

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Halloween is fast-approaching and this year I’m swearing off sweets – no Snickers, Milky Ways, or 100 Grand bars for me.  Okay, just kidding, that was a trick on my part. But in all seriousness, here’s a treat from Microsoft that’s no trick for potential new Microsoft Dynamics® GP customers: the Give Me 5 offer.  And no, that does not mean five candy bars!  Here are some details on this yummy offer.


Give Me 5 for Microsoft Dynamics GP

With the ’Give Me 5‘ offer, you will get five users of Microsoft Dynamics GP for the low price of $3,000 — up to an 85% discount off the regular license price!  The offer is available to all new customers and is effective through December 20, 2013.


Don’t Be Frightened By the Cost of a New ERP Solution – The Resource Group Helps You Transition Easily, Leaving You with a ROI

Many companies come to The Resource Group wanting to evaluate a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to meet their changing business needs, growth plans and processes. We find the number one criteria factor for evaluating a new solution is the price. It’s true, there is a software price increase when moving from entry-level accounting systems, like QuickBooks and Peachtree, to a robust ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics GP. However, with the Give Me 5 pricing, you are receiving an advanced ERP software accounting solution. The promotion helps remove the worry of price and allows you to focus more on the important items in selecting a new ERP solution such as the experience and knowledge of the implementation Partner, flexibility of the software, adoption rate by employees and matching requirement needs to your business.


What’s in the Starter Pack for Microsoft Dynamics GP?
The Microsoft Dynamics GP Starter Pack includes several business areas to give you an all-inclusive ERP solution – including financial management, distribution or commonly called supply chain management, business intelligence and human resources and payroll.


  • Financial Management
    The financial series of the Starter Pack includes business modules such as General Ledger with Advanced Financial Analysis, Account Level Security, Cash Flow Management, Fixed Asset Management Intercompany, Revenue/Expense Deferrals, Bank Reconciliation. View the full list of the Financial Series Modules for the Starter Pack here.
  • Distribution/Supply Chain Management

Within the Starter Pack, you also have included functionality for managing inventory, invoicing, landed cost, bill of materials and much more.


  • Business Intelligence & Reporting
    The Starter Pack includes a strong set of tools for gaining the valuable business insight you need from your ERP solution. These tools include unlimited Management Reporter Design Users, Analysis Cubes Library and Advanced Analysis Cubes Library.


  • Human Resource Management
    If you wish to do Payroll and HR functions inside your organization, the Starter Pack has those modules included as well.  These modules include Human Resources for unlimited employees, Payroll (US) with unlimited employees, direct deposit, federal magnetic media, payroll connect and position control. In addition, there is an HRM Self Service Suite that allows you to use a business portal for employee’s to communicate their HRP needs such as 401K enrollment or changes. (Learn more about human resource management by visiting


This Halloween, give your business a treat in the form of a new business accounting software solution.  The Give Me 5 offer for the Microsoft Dynamics GP Starter Pack will help you become more efficient and effective, implementing the business processes required to take your company to the next level – and fit your budget!

by The Resource Group

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