Replacing Your Sage PFW? Let Dynamics GP Help

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Sage announced that PFW would be retired on March 31, 2014.  Sage offered a trade-in to provide incentive to move to other Sage products if end users made the switch by 9/30/2013.   This offer was recently extended to 9/30/2014.   I guess they weren’t serious about the offer that ended on 9/30/2013?   Regardless, if you are a Sage PFW end user, please consider looking at Dynamics products before committing to this brand.

Most Sage PFW customers are either process manufacturers or have complex accounting requirements.  Both of these types of companies were perfect for this product.   Thankfully, Dynamics GP is also perfect for these types of operations too except it is extremely better with distribution and has more out of the box financial features than Sage PFW.

Try Dynamics GP for yourself here:

Check out the latest Dynamics GP Promotion:  Microsoft Dynamics GP – Buy 5 Users for the Price of One!

There are many business reasons to move to Dynamics.  Here are a few examples for the Dynamics GP product line:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics has been in the ERP business for over 10 years and publishes regular product road maps demonstrating their ongoing commitment and product innovation. Microsoft Dynamics GP has a product road map that currently extends to 2020:
  2. Over 43,000 customers use Dynamics GP. There is also a plethora of resources for end users
    • Your Dynamics GP Partner  - Like CIS, we are a Dynamics GP Silver ERP Partner
    • Free Online Training with your Service Plan
    • Service Plans (annual maintenance) options based on your business needs – some plans are as low as 16% after your first year of purchase.  Compare that to 19% that other software vendors offer every year.
    • User Groups like GPUG or the Great Plains User Group.  This group has over 3,000 member companies and was started in 2006.
    • With a customer base so large, there are many add-on products for Dynamics GP to fit most any industry or customer specific need.
  3. When you purchase Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can be assured of support for the version you buy for up to 10 years after its release.  Read more about the Microsoft Life Cycle Policies here:
  4. Microsoft Dynamics ERP products look and feel like Microsoft Office, making adoption easy
  5. Microsoft Dynamics has both on premise and cloud solutions available today and remains committed to offering both to allow customers to choose which option works best for them
  6. If you are a heavy FRx user, then moving to Dynamics GP will be even easier since there is a migration path for your FRx reports to Management Reporter!

With any investment of staff time / labor, money and lost productivity, business owners should always look at 3 products before committing to a new solution.  Even ‘free’ software has a cost; staff has to be trained, reports written, hardware may need an upgrade, data converted, etc.  You can have fast, cheap, or good.  Which choice is best for your business?   Let me help you decide with an evaluation of Dynamics GP.

Nancy Phillippi is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Custom Information Services (CIS).  CIS is a former Sage PFW Partner and is now a Microsoft Dynamics GP Silver ERP Partner.  CIS is located in N. Texas and has been in business since 1989.  You can reach CIS at or by calling 817-640-0016.

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