Microsoft Dynamics AX Timesaving Tip: Copying Order Line Items

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Getting through repetitive tasks like creating Sales Orders and Purchase Orders with less data entry is a goal for many of us.  Why not create your new orders by pulling in line items you need from a past order, quote, or other document record?

This Microsoft Dynamics AX tip will provide the steps to allow you to create new sales and purchase orders by copying line items from existing Microsoft Dynamics AX records for added efficiency.  This tip is beneficial for those that frequently enter repetitive sales and purchasing data allowing them to select from a catalogue of line items already entered in the ERP software.


  1. Create a new Sales Order or Purchase Order
  2. Fill in applicable header detail in HEADER VIEW or copy the detail into the order as described in step 4.
  3. Click LINE VIEW to begin line order entry.


Figure 1:  Sales Order Screen


Figure 2: Purchase Order Screen


4.    Click FROM ALL or FROM JOURNAL to select order lines for duplication.

What’s the difference between FROM ALL and FROM JOURNAL?

Allows you to select line items from the following document types:

  • Confirmations
  • Invoices
  • Packing Slips
  • Product Receipts
  • Project Invoices
  • Purchase Orders
  • Quotations
  • Sales Orders


Figure 3: FROM ALL as shown from Purchase Order Screen



Figure 4: FROM ALL as shown from the Sales Order Screen



Allows you to select line items from the following document types of the same order:

  • Quotation confirmation journals
  • Purchase/sales confirmation journals
  • Product receipt/packing slip journals
  • Invoice/project invoice journals


Figure 5: FROM JOURNAL as shown from the Purchase Order Screen


Figure 6: FROM JOURNAL as shown from the Sales Order Screen


5. Using SETUP, at the top of the form, you can select one or more of the following options:


Quantity factor Specify the amount for the selected order lines to be increased or decreased.
Invert sign Select to reverse the sign of the copied lines for the order quantity in relation to the selected lines.
Copy Charges Copy any line miscellaneous charges. Header charges are also copied if Copy Order Header checkbox is selected.
Copy Precisely Select to copy all dimensions, sales tax, and ledger accounts to the new order. Delivery dates are not copied.
Copy Order Header Select to copy header information from the selected order to the new order.
Recalculate Price Recalculate price based on current purchase/sales or trade agreements
Delete Purchase/Order Lines Select to delete any previously entered order lines for the current order before copying.


6. Navigating through the tabs in the upper section of the screen, select the document(s) (purchase order, quotation, invoice etc.) that you wish to copy line items from.

Once selected, all associated line items will appear in the lower section of the screen.

7. Click the MARK checkbox to select required line item(s).  Change the quantity on the lines as needed.

8. Click OK to insert the line items into the newly created order.

9. Continue with completion of order.

If you are not already using the copy FROM ALL and FROM JOURNAL features, you will find a significant improvement in efficiency by taking advantage of this tip.  Easy to use, this functionality allows you to quickly complete orders through line item duplication with an added bonus of even being able to insert header detail.

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Jasmine Chai, ERP Solutions Consultant, BDO Canada LLP.  Jasmine has over 7 years of industry experience working with various versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX, from its days as AXAPTA to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Jasmine has delivered ERP consulting services to a range of manufacturing clients including pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

By BDO Solutions


5 thoughts on “Microsoft Dynamics AX Timesaving Tip: Copying Order Line Items”

  1. Dear I have one question about copy function.
    lets say I created one purchase order with Site West and Warehouse Seattle, and received all items and invoice.
    now I created second PO for Site west and Warehouse Houston now I am using the function copy while using this function its copying all the items along with dimension where I am not selecting copy precisely which copy all dimension.
    so can you please give some lights how can I copy one purchase order lines on with out copying the site and warehouse of the previous purchase order.

    Thanks & Regards,

  2. Can you import a requisition into an existing purchase order?

    Appreciate some guidance with this.


    Ruth Weinz

  3. I would like to know if there is any other configurations that can be used to copy;
    Coupons - Charges applied on Header
    Affiliation - Discounts applied via affiliation on SO (Header / Line).

    I have tried Copy Charges and Header, but for these two it didn't work.

  4. Ronnil Fernandes

    In the Copy from All form you have these Check boxes – Copy Order Header, Delete Order lines, Recalculate price and so on.

    Where can I set default values to these check boxes?

  5. What about directs and special orders on a sales order and you do a copy order? I found that it will copy the items but not mark them on the new sales order is this by functionality?

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