Consumers are Flying in Lighter Airplanes with Paperless Electronic Workflow Software

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If paperless systems can be put to use in any industry that seems like it would benefit from customers and workers carrying various paper records, why wouldn't this same tactic be beneficial in a traditional office?

Consumers are flying in lighter airplanes
Consumers are flying in lighter airplanes

It doesn't matter what domain you're in or the size of your company - any business can avail benefits of going paperless by embracing document management and electronic workflow software. Why would the field come into play when the main perks include freeing up office space and saving time that would have otherwise been spent thumbing through files upon file trying to find the right one in a sea of many?

This might be the mindset of some leaders within the travel sector, as airlines are beginning to incorporate electronic document imaging into different aspects of their operations. For instance,  some companies are issuing paperless tickets to tech-savvy flyers in order to cut down on the amount of paper used. Others are no longer providing pilots with various tangible forms and reports for flights, instead giving them devices like tablets and allowing them to access digital documents.

If these strategies can be put to good use in an industry that seems like it would benefit from customers and workers carrying various paper records, why wouldn't this same tactic be lucrative in a traditional office? Many businesses may use more paper than the average airline, thereby making this process more effective in a corporate setting.

Massive savings seen by giving pilots new devices
Thus far, the paperless system that will be adopted by Delta Airlines later on in 2013 is being hailed as bringing significant savings and being exceedingly easy to implement, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. The source said that by outfitting the corporation's 11,000 pilots with Microsoft Surface 2 tablets, planes will be noticeably lighter, allowing Delta to recoup the costs of 1.2 million gallons of fuel each year. Not to mention, this then reduces carbon emissions by 26 million pounds annually.

The digital information available on the gadgets will replace flight kits, the news provider detailed, which currently contain numerous paper reports, such as operating and reference manuals, weighing in at an average of 38 pounds per pilot.

On a more practical note, something that many business leaders would be able to enjoy, Delta's shift to a paperless system also reduces messes and can keep flight professionals on task more, Delta Senior Vice President of Flight Operations Captain Steve Dickson told the Business Chronicle.

"This intuitive device puts key information at our pilots' fingertips right when they need it," Dickson noted. "By eliminating paper, we'll reduce clutter and minimize time spent looking for flight information, allowing our pilots the opportunity to develop greater situational awareness in the air and on the ground."

TSA expanding paperless programs
According to The Corsair, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has been taking action that includes digitization in order to make air travel more efficient and safer since September 11, 2001. The news source stated that one such move to this end includes expanding paperless boarding pass systems.

The Corsair counts this under the realm of technical improvements made by the TSA in recent years. A program of this nature would allow passengers to use identification to check in at kiosks or online prior to the departure of the plane. The QR code for the boarding pass would then be sent to the traveler's phone or other web-enabled device, Orbitz explained, and scanned by security after going through the checkpoint.

This would greatly expedite the boarding process, making it easier for everyone involved. After all, think about how easy it is for a small ticket to fall out of a traveler's pocket. This is not much different from an important corporate paper getting lost in a pile of documents or being misfiled, something that can also have dire consequences.

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