Breaking Up is Hard to Do - How to Choose a Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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It’s not you, it’s me.

I’ve decided to go in a different direction.

No matter how someone says it, breaking up is hard to do, and that goes for business relationships as well as personal ones. If you’re not satisfied with your software partner, it might be time for a change.

Start by identifying the characteristics you want in a partner. Write down the things that are important to you like: training class availability, your partner’s willingness to travel to your location, the ability to connect remotely, the size of the firm you’re working with or the importance of a personal relationship.

Research other options. Reach out to others who use products in the Microsoft Dynamics suite and find out who they partner with and what they like and don’t like. Use the internet to search for Microsoft Partners. Reach out to potential partners and ask for referrals and references from current customers.

Determine your course of action. Is it worth the time to switch partners? If you talk to your current partner, do you think they could meet your requirements? Make sure to lay out your expectations to ensure your needs will be met now and as time goes on.

Have “the talk”. If you’ve decided to switch to a new partner, give your current partner a call and let them know your plan and why you’re switching. Although it might be a difficult conversation, your honesty may lead to productive changes.

After all, having the right partner is important to your success. Make sure that you’re working with someone who can give you the information and support you need to successfully implement and utilize Microsoft Dynamics.

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1 thought on “Breaking Up is Hard to Do - How to Choose a Microsoft Dynamics Partner”

  1. Great and most useful tips in identifying the right Microsoft Dynamics Partners. We are also a Microsoft Dynamics Partners and know that how important it is in identifying the right one.

    Thanks for sharing!

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