What Are the Hidden Perks of Document Management Software?

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There are a number of advantages to digitizing that aren't immediately apparent. When companies finally make the ultimate decision to break their reliance on paper and embrace document management software, they tend to do so after weighing the pros and cons. Administrators will quickly realize that negative aspects are borderline nonexistent and the perks are blatant.

In many cases, the reasons for eschewing paper tend to include large cost savings, the ability to free up office space and making invoice automation with business partners a possibility. Placing their companies firmly into the 21st century is something that numerous leaders hope to accomplish with digitization. Luckily, it's relatively easy as long as businesses have the right tools and dedication.

What are the hidden benefits of document management software?
What are the hidden benefits of document management software?

However, there are also a number of advantages that aren't immediately apparent. These hidden perks may sway individuals who are on the fence about digitizing and need an extra boost. Moreover, the benefits that may not be well-advertised could interest some owners and managers who wouldn't have otherwise considered embracing electronic workflow.

So what are these perks that a lot of people aren't yet aware of?

Secret savings
Since one of the biggest reasons company owners choose to leverage document management workflow is that they can save money, they should be aware of all of the factors they can cut spending on. Some of the most obvious cost savings include paper, file cabinets, ink and printer maintenance fees.

However, there are also a number of other things that either don't have to be paid for anymore or see a significant drop  off in price. For instance, consider staples, paper clips and folders.

According to the Boston Globe, when Scituate Selectmen decided to go paperless, they were able to completely revolutionize the way they put meeting packages together. Selectman John Danehey told the news source that they don't have to use hole punchers and spend a lot of time to create them. Binders, too, wouldn't be factored into this situation.

Saving the environment one tree at a time
When companies digitize, administrators might think that this is a good way to go green. Many businesses in varying fields are trying to change how workers' actions may have an adverse effect on the environment. Rather than using so much power and certain materials, they're switching the way they do things.

For one, companies wouldn't be using as much electricity and power in the office. Even when printers remain on standby, they're still using up power, and their outputs can skyrocket for even a relatively small printing job.

More than just that, business leaders can do their parts to save the trees by going digital. When they stop buying paper, the demand will decrease, which might ultimately drive down the supply. According to the Credit Union Times, when 2,100 credit unions decided to rely on electronic workflow and place their files on computers, this action saved around 750,000 sheets of paper, which equates to about 90 trees.

Time can be better spent
Saving work hours is another factor that many business leaders might not consider when they first go digital. After all, scanning and saving electronic files might take some time in the very beginning.

However, in the long run, employees will save a lot of time and effort if they only have to look up, access and share records on the computer. For instance, The State Journal-Register detailed that when Illinois police officers fill out reports by hand, short forms can take about 15 minutes, then they have to bring the papers to their supervisor and wait until this can be reviewed. It's a similar situation in many businesses when invoices need to be shared with corporate partners - you're at the mercy of the schedule of the other individuals involved.

But with electronic workflow, invoicing, which may have taken days, can now be completed in mere minutes once both parties have been shared on a file.

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3 thoughts on “What Are the Hidden Perks of Document Management Software?”

  1. Most business people know that the process of maintaining any business with lots of files and papers is more hazardous than it actually seems. Many business companies are suffering from huge financial losses due to the unwanted wastage of time and money in workplace management. But the good news is that today you can easily get rid of all such messiness in office simply by hiring the services of the latest document management software aka dms. It makes a business both time and cost saving.

  2. Document Management System (DMS) has various benefits. It saves time by sorting out the useful data, it provides the option to invest that useful time into other fruitful work instead of hitting the head into collecting the needful documents from the bunch.

    It also helps us go green by providing an option to save papers. There are certain other benefits as the documents management services are on clouds these days so it can be easily shared with the people.

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