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Processing Purchase Orders, widely known as POs, is vital for keeping track of your orders and inventory as well as for both forecasting and reporting purposes. As far as small businesses are concerned, they consider Purchase Order Processing (POP) a hassle or an accountant’s concern. Well they need to realize that POP is an essential part of any retailer’s or wholesaler’s day to day operation. Even if you use your supplier’s B2B portal, it is important to enter the same information into your system as well. Not only does it help streamlining internal buying procedures but also it provides management information about costs.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider implementing a POP module, if you haven’t already:

  1. Cut time - intensive activities and increase efficiency. A single centralized system is linking all departments together and there is no need for paperwork. This also speeds up the movement of documents within and outside the company, because everything is in electronic format and staff can circulate the documents to each other instantly via e-mail and the internet.
  2. View your costs instantly. POP allows you to have information about your committed costs concerning Purchasing prior even to receiving the relative invoice. That is, when an order is placed in the system upon a specific supplier, you can view your costs immediately in the form of a Purchase Order, without waiting to receive an invoice and key it in the system. Therefore, at the same time POP allows you to have better control over your expenditures.
  3. Improve your cash forecasting. Recording Purchase Orders in your system and being able to define your future costs, enables you to predict your future cash flows more effectively.

WebSan Solutions offers Purchase Order Processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP to help you improve your vendor relationships and minimize your costs. For more information, join our webinar on Purchase Order Processing on October 17th.

Doriana Kote, Marketing Assistant, WebSan Solutions Inc., a Channel Elite Awards Finalist for 2013

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