See More Financial Effects of Using Document Management Software

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The reason many company leaders ultimately decide to embrace electronic workflow is because businesses of any kind can often save significant amounts of money. When they leverage document management software and then access records on the computer, they no longer constantly have to buy paper, ink, folders, staples and many other office supplies in bulk.

See more financial effects when digitizing
See more financial effects when digitizing

In the end, this can save small companies a significant amount of money every year, which is very important to startups that might not have a lot in their budgets to work with. This could free up extra money and allow further business decisions to be explored.

However, an organization recently found that they can save more than just traditional costs when they go digital. According to the Credit Union Times, when 2,100 credit unions embraced digitization, the Credit Union National Association Mutual Group donated $10,540 to the National Credit Union Foundation. The group gave $5 for every participant in order to promote green strategies in the workplace.

The news source detailed that this action by the credit unions had significant environmental benefits - the estimate is that 750,000 sheets of paper will be saved, representing 90 trees.

Other companies might consider petitioning environmentally conscious groups in order to weigh their options and possible sponsor opportunities.

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3 thoughts on “See More Financial Effects of Using Document Management Software”

  1. The "green" aspect of document management is just one benefit. There are far more reasons for small businesses to invest in document management software including improved security and better search functionality.

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