Save One Hour Each Week by Streamlining AP Approvals

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There are times when it seems like there are not enough hours to accomplish the tasks needed that day.  Finding ways to save time is not only a priority, but a necessity.  Your customers have deadlines, vendors need to be paid on time, and your business probably doesn’t run on good thoughts either.  Imagine being able to save one hour a week on a routine task, like processing accounts payable approvals.  What could you accomplish with one extra hour, or more, each week?

You can streamline accounts payables approvals and other routine processes by using U-LINC® with your Microsoft Dynamics® business management software solution.  U-LINC is a workflow and notification solution that introduces time-savings automation and consistency to your most routine tasks.  You can use any of the built-in notification templates or customize your own to speed-up notification and approvals for these routine tasks.

With common accounting tasks like payables, for example, you can create an accounts payable transaction approval that will shave time from receiving an invoice to sending the check.  After receiving a vendor invoice, the accounting team can enter the data in the U-LINC dashboard and post the invoice in Microsoft Dynamics.  An email is automatically routed to the manager in charge of approving payment to that vendor.  The email contains links to the original invoice so the manager can see details when needed and respond with an approval or rejection.  The manager can also enter comments or provide additional instructions before clicking the complete task button.  Accounting can then pay the invoice when it’s approved and the manager can track the payment process which can be important when placing additional orders with that same vendor.  Automating routine tasks like accounts payable saves time from sending invoices via interoffice mail or email for approval, making hand-written approvals or instructions for paying the invoice, and both accounting employees and the managers will benefit.

For every hour you save during the week, you could save six days per year.  Automate routine tasks with U-LINC and improve productivity throughout your business.  The time you save could be just what you need to nurture and grow your business.  Contact Integrity Data for more information about saving time through U-LINC automation by emailing or calling 888.786.6162.

By Integrity Data, a Microsoft Dynamics ISV out of Central Illinois

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