Dynamics GP2013 – Discontinued vs. Inactive Items

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With the launch of GP2013, many users were pleased with the additional Inventory module functionality added which allows a user to inactivate an Item Number.  Previous versions of GP allowed users to discontinue items – so what’s the difference?  Here’s a quick re-cap of what each means:

Inactive Item Numbers

  • Inactivating an Item Number will prevent the Item from being sold, purchased, or processed.
  • Item history is maintained.
  • Inactive Items are unable to be viewed or planned in the Item Resource Planning window.
  • Existing, unposted transactions or documents that contain inactive items can be processed.
  • Manufacturing transactions that contain inactive Items cannot be released.
  • New transactions can be entered for inactive Item Numbers for the following:
    • Returns (Sales and Vendor)
    • Inventory Transfers between Site and Bins
    • Increase and Decrease Variances
    • Stock Counts
    • Decrease Adjustments

Discontinued Item Numbers

  • Discontinuing an Item Number will prevent the item from being purchased.  If you choose not to sell Discontinued Item Numbers, ensure the “Allow Sale of Discontinued Items” option is unmarked in the Sales Order Processing Setup Options window.
  • Item history is maintained.  However, Discontinued Items can be removed from the system during the Inventory Year-End Closing process if they have been completely sold.  The Item Number must not have any quantities and it must not have or be assigned to a Kit or BOM.
  • Discontinued Items may be used in Manufacturing transactions.
  • New transactions can be entered for discontinued Items with the exception of Purchase Orders.


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1 thought on “Dynamics GP2013 – Discontinued vs. Inactive Items”

  1. Hello

    We only want discontinued items to be sold for the quantity remaining.

    Inactivating the item prevents it from being sold completely.

    Having the Sales setup option Allow Sales of discontinued items allows the user to backorder discontinued items.

    Is there any other setup options to prevent this?


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