Dynamics GP 2013 Price Discount Saves Money, Except When it Doesn’t

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 It seems it is rare to have to buy Microsoft Dynamics GP without a promotion these days. The last discount offer ended two months ago and the new offer was just announced.  It is called the “Give Me 5 Again”.  This is a great promotion for most companies, but there is one scenario where it will actually end up costing you more money in the long run, so keep reading.

First the details:

Give Me 5 Again Promotion:

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Starter Pack (3 users) PLUS 2 more full users = $3,000 USD for 5 users

(that is CAD 3000 in Canada; EUR2250 in Eurozone countries; and AUD 3000 in Australia.)

Expiration December 24, 2013

Why is this such a good deal?

Because the normal list price for Dynamics GP 5 full users is $11,000 USD. This means you are saving $8,000 in license costs. That is a huge savings! And an opportunity to get more people in your company using the power of Dynamics GP.

However, there is one scenario where this promotion will NOT save you money. 

If you really only need 3 users (the current minimum), now and in the foreseeable future, the promotion will cost you more in the long run. How can that be since you will pay the same price of $3,000?

The answer is that your Microsoft Dynamics GP annual maintenance plan cost will be higher on the 5 user system than the 3 user system. Even though you paid the same amount up front to purchase them, the 18% Microsoft enhancement plan (required for the first year) is calculated on the full system list price.

Example: Smallco Manufacturing needs only 3 (or less) Microsoft Dynamics GP concurrent users.

If they buy the Dynamics GP Starter Pack (3 users) they will pay $900 per year for the 18% Advantage Plan.

But if they buy with the “Give Me 5 Again” Promotion they will pay $1,980 per year for the 18% Advantage Plan.

So the question is, is it worth an extra $1,080 per year to have 2 additional users?

In most cases I would say yes. Because it is a great opportunity to get more people within the organization using Dynamics GP. There is so much functionality, it does not need to just be limited to finance. For example, the HR manager could have a license to take advantage of the Payroll and HR functionality that is now included in Dynamics GP 2013.

But if this is a very small company, on a small budget, that knows they will not grow beyond those 3 users for many years to come, then they can choose not to take advantage of this new promotion.

To calculate the list cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP (without any discounts), including licenses, maintenance fees, and estimated implementation service costs, request a free automated Dynamics GP Quick Quote at www.calszone.com/quick-quote.

If you are evaluating Microsoft Dynamics GP and would like to take advantage of the “Give Me Five Again” promotion contact CAL Business Solutions at sales@calszone.com or 860-485-0910 x4.

By Anya Ciecierski, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com

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