BIO: Powerful Business Intelligence and Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics SL

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BIO for Microsoft Dynamics SL ( is a business intelligence and reporting solution that is offered a la carte. Excel is a great business intelligence tool, but if you use Microsoft Dynamics SL, and you're looking to move from great to perfect, BIO (Business Intelligence Optimization) is for you. BIO for Microsoft SL is optimized for the specific architecture and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics SL. BIO goes beyond traditional reporting, giving you self-service interactive reporting, analysis, and dashboards.

When BIO is installed, it automatically configures to your specific Microsoft Dynamics SL setup, recognizing your flex-key setups and project code files. Even non-technical users can produce reports, create ad hoc analyses, or use one of the 55 predefined views of Dynamics SL data that cover over 400  predefined business objects. So right out of the box, you can start looking at customer retention trends, vendor delivery performance, customer at-risk analysis, project performance, product life cycles, and much, much more.

BIO provides analysis across financial, project, and distribution modules, giving you a 360 degree view of your operations. That leads to better decisions, made faster. BIO delivers analysis to users tailored to their roles, so that a CEO, for example, is delivered a "big picture" view of data, showing trends and underlying causes rather than everyday processing minutiae. The tailored roles make it easier for users to absorb the information they need to get faster answers to their questions and to make timely, well-informed decisions.

BIO enables you to manage progress in relation to key performance indicators and other measures. Analysis can be presented with visual cues such as traffic light alerts, charts, and gauges, depending on how you like your data to be presented for quick decision making.

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