Big Ideas for Big Data Bring Inventory Optimization

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Big Data is being used by organizations to predict future outcomes.  If we can predict future outcomes we can use our resources much more efficiently.  If we can use our resources more efficiently, we can flow more of our revenues through our P&L to the bottom line.  I am talking about Profitability!

One such company is using a Big Data approach to hiring.  Another company is using Big Data to automate their Clients inventory work flows.  Data has the potential to provide us “signals”, and Big Data can be mined for specific signals that can be predictive in nature.  What if you could evaluate all of the data and indicators that make up a sales order:  its items with their case dimensions, their weight, their attributes relative to temperature, orientation and expiration, customer ship time requirements and even special notes attached to an order, or a combination of orders and our efficiency around full overseas containers?Warehouse Center Aisle2-001

You can see why supply chain thought leaders in the industry such as Appolis are focused on Big Data and what it can offer in terms of predictability.  WithoutWire™ Warehouse is one WMS solution which is interested in driving operational efficiency to our clients, replacing labor with system intelligence and replacing paper and data entry with mobile automation.  At Appolis, we believe Container and Order Splitting, Intelligent License Plates, Partial Picking algorithms and Predictive Scanning are all made better through the use of Big Data.  Predictability in resource needs and sales order needs can drive optimal supply chain work flow and increased profitability ... now that’s a Big Idea!


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