Support Debugging Tool – Finding Tables that Make Up Windows

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Many times when we are looking for tables to include in SQL script, SmartList Builder or Excel Report Builder report we struggle with finding the tables that make up the windows in GP.


By using the Support Debugging Tool this helps to alleviate the frustration of finding those tables.


We can launch the Support Debugging tool from Dynamics GP by going to:

Dynamic GP Button ->Tools->Support Debugging Tool


From here we would launch the Resource Information Window by going to the menu and choosing:

Debugger->Resource Information


1.       Be sure that the Resource Type at the top of the window is set to Tables & Fields

2.       Choose the Product Name of the Window you have opened i.e. Microsoft Dynamics GP

3.       Enter in the Display Name of the Window for which you are looking for Tables and/or Fields in the Window Information Section and tab off the field i.e. Customer Maintenance

Note: When you click on the Technical Name link, it will open the window so you can check to see that you have accurately selected the one you are looking for.

4.       You will see a button for Associated Tables

a.       When you click on it another window will open with all the associated tables for that window, with columns for Technical Name, Display Name, Physical Name, etc..

You can also find field names by:

1.       Type in the Field name in the Field Information Technical Name Section i.e. City

2.       If the field is recognized the Tables Containing Field will become available

3.       Click the Tables Containing Field button and the window will open with all the tables that contain that field.  You will see the Technical Name, Display Name, Physical Name, and the Dictionary Name (Product Name) etc..


Once the field is recognized you can also see the Data Type Name, Control Type, Keyable Length, and Storage Size of  the field.

~Denise Libby, Solutions Specialist – Technical, Tidestone Solutions


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