Reprinting Check Stubs with Dynamics GP 2013

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In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 a new button has been added to the Payables Payment Inquiry screen.  This new button allows users to easily reprint the check remittance for the payment currently being viewed.

The “Re-create Check Stub” button was added so that users can now quickly reproduce a document to detail how the payment was applied.  Previously users would have to resort to other reports that were not quite as easy to generate to obtain this information. By simply clicking this button we can re-create the remittance with no need to adjust report options.

The reprinted remittance includes vendor information, information about the check/payment, and also a list of the documents to which this payment was applied.  Once the document is generated it can be sent to the requesting party and they can quickly understand how the payment was applied.

Even better, with the new emailing functionality in Dynamics GP 2013, this document can be emailed directly to any interested users without need to print it out.  If you have any questions about reprinting check remittances using this new functionality in Dynamics GP 2013, please feel free to contact us at our offices.

-By Grady Burris - Sr. Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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