Project-driven Companies Hit It Out of the Park with Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Dynamics SL, Microsoft’s flagship software for project management and accounting, is the ultimate home-run-derby competitor to empower project-centric organizations.


For over 25 years, Microsoft Dynamics SL has proven its most-valuable-player status with its powerful project and financial management capabilities that meet the unique needs of project-based companies. For example, Dynamics SL covers all the bases for industry-specific requirements in the following:

  • Professional Services – You can drive better decision making, manage people and finances, and maintain profitability for client services and projects.
  • Government Contracting – Complete projects on time, on budget, and to specification while collecting and retaining the detailed information needed to comply with government regulations.
  • Construction – Get the solution you need for improved sales, project management, job costing, materials management, and more—all integrated with your financials.

Moreover, Dynamics SL gives your company a winning edge with the ability to:

  1. Gain Greater Control – You have visibility and insight into business and project performance. You streamline and improve decision-making, response times, reporting, analysis, cash flow, and easily integrate financials and projects.
  2. Increase Your Margins – Improve your sales processes and gain efficiency and automation to increase staff productivity.
  3. Adapt and Grow – Quickly adapt Dynamics SL to meet your unique requirements and pace of growth without straining other resources. Cloud-based hosting provides flexibility to expand or contract.
  4. Simplify and Add Value – Dynamics SL is easy to learn because it works like and integrates with other familiar Microsoft applications. You gain value through a stellar Return on Investment and lower Total Cost of Ownership.

With Dynamics SL, there are no dog days of summer. It can keep your team refreshed, competitive, and producing "runs," in an ever-changing and challenging business field. For videos, testimonials and more beneficial stats, visit our Dynamics SL page and learn how to make projects easier, financials easier, and compliance easier so you can hit it out of the park too.

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