Integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX and ISV Ignition Provides Valuable Solution to Craft Brewery

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Microsoft Dynamics AX provides rich, prebuilt, industry specific functionality out of the box for vertical industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, Service, and Public Sector. The broad portfolio of specialized vertical solutions means a better fit for the needs of your business. Microsoft Dynamics AX is also unique in that it offers an ERP solution that manages both the administrative dimension and operational requirements of your business.

Tridea Partners is currently working to upgrade our long time Dynamics GP customer, Stone Brewing Co., to Dynamics AX to support their extensive increase in production. In addition to the functionality offered in Dynamics AX, Tridea has partnered with Ignition to help provide production scheduling to extended the solution and maximize efficiency.

Stone Brewing Co. will be entering sales forecasts, booking customer sales, tracking finished goods inventory, recording production of beer, as well as handling procurement and financial transactions using the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. However, they will be using a system called Ignition for actually tracking at ground level the progress of beer production through the various stages of brewing, fermenting, filtering, and packaging their beer. Ignition has the capacity to communicate directly with the brewing equipment, and will not only capture information related to the flow of beer through the production process, but will also gather significant qualitative data related to the beer and the brewing process itself. To streamline the flow of data between systems and to avoid duplication of entry, Tridea Partners and developers at Stone are building an interface between Ignition and Dynamics AX.

The integration between Ignition and Dynamics AX will allow the Master Planning function of Dynamics AX to propose planned production orders based on current inventory levels and projected demand. Once a planner working in Dynamics AX decides to firm up a production order, the data related to that production order (style of beer to produce, data, quantity, etc.) will be transmitted to Ignition. At that point, a brewer working in Ignition will make some final scheduling decisions (possibly change the date and/or quantity to produce) and initiate the production process. This information will flow back to Dynamics AX. Then, as Ignition captures the ingredients that flow into the production process, that data is transmitted to Dynamics AX as well, as Dynamics AX is responsible for tracking on-hand inventory levels as well as production costs. Finally, as Ignition reads the quantities of filtered beer that flow through the filter outlets, this data is also pushed to Dynamics AX for purposes of reporting production of the completed product. A similar integration flow transmits the shared data as the beer moves from the bright tanks into kegs and bottling lines.

This new integration will allow Stone’s brewers to work with Ignition to capture detailed data regarding the brewing and production process, while also feeding the necessary data to Dynamics AX to update inventory stocking levels, track production costs, and perform planning functions that will be relied upon by the rest of the organization.

Read more information on how Dynamics AX and Tridea Partners support Stone’s significant growth.

This article was written by Matthew Boese, Partner at Tridea Partners, a Gold Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner serving Southern California.


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